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Motor Vehicle Accidents

Guidelines for motor vehicle accidents

In the event of a motor vehicle accident, involved parties should stop immediately to exchange information with other involved vehicles or the owner of damaged property.  Police should be notified about any motor vehicle accidents which involve any of the following:

  • Personal injury of any kind
  • Operator is under the influence of alcohol/drugs
  • Involved party refuses to exchange information
  • Vehicles are in an unsafe location or blocking traffic and cannot move

Most other motor vehicle accidents may be handled between the involved parties.  RSA 264:25 requires that any driver involved in an accident which results in death, personal injury or damages to property, stop at the scene of the accident and exchange the following information with the other driver or owner of the vehicle (or damaged property):

  • Name of driver
  • Address of driver
  • License number of driver (OLN)
  • Registration number of vehicles involved
  • Name and address of vehicle passengers

Exchanges should also include:

  • Insurance company name and policy number
  • Driver's phone number

Vehicle should be moved from the travel portion of the roadway to an untraveled portion provided it can be done without causing further damage or injury.  (264:25-a)

If the accident involves any injury, or property damage in excess of $1000, the State of NH requires that the operator(s) involved file an Operator's Report (DSMV 400) within 15 days of the accident.  Once completed the form must be mailed to:

NH Dept. of Safety
DMV - FR / Accidents
23 Hazen Drive
Concord NH 03305

Contact the Manchester Police at 603-668-8711 with any questions. 

If both drivers choose, the form below can be used to exchange information by email.  The form is not sent to the police department or the state, and does not constitute filling an accident report.  The police department must still be notified of any accidents meeting the above criteria.  

Enter your own information and the email address of the person you want to send it to.

Motor Vehicle Accident Form