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Planning and Community Development Dept. (0411)

The Planning and Community Development Department works towards the betterment of land use and development within the City of Manchester. It also administratively supports the Planning Board and the Zoning Board of Adjustment.


Amoskeag Corporation Housing Historic District Photographs, 1980 (0411.002)

This collection consists of photographs taken of buildings in the Amoskeag Corporation Housing Historic District in Manchester. Photographs feature structures from Mechanic Street, Stark Street, Market Street, Middle Street, West Merrimack Street, Pleasant Street, and Canal Street.

Building Codes, 1911 - 2014 (0411.007)

This collection consists of Manchester's local building codes. It does not include codes created by other entities, such as national or international codes.

Historic District Commission Records, 1974 - 1994 (0411.003)

The records of the Historic District Commission document its activities and initiatives, especially in regards to Amoskeag Corporation Housing Historic District and the Amoskeag Millyard Historic District.

Housing Code Department Meeting Minutes, 1961 - 1994 (0411.004)

The meeting minutes of the Housing Code Department, which administered the housing code for Manchester, and investigated complaints about code violations. The department was originally known as the Manchester Public Agency, and it was ultimately consolidated with the Building Department in 1994.

Planning and Zoning Board Meeting Minutes, 1923 - 1926 (0411.005)

The Planning and Zoning Board was the predecessor of both the Planning Board and the Zoning Board of Adjustment. This colleciton consists of one bound volume of meeting minutes documenting the original board's actions and initiatives.

Planning Board Meeting Minutes, 1927 - 1951 (0411.009)

Two bound volumes of the Planning Board's meeting minutes.

Planning Records, 1936 - 2009 (0411.006)

Largely consisting of reports, this collection contains records created by or for the Planning and Community Development Department, its predecessor department and/or other departments that merged with it, or any boards/commissions in which it provides administrative support. Reports cover topics relating to city planning, and may contain photographs, surveys, studies, master plans, etc.

Subdivision Maps and Documents, 1958-1977 (0411.015)

Maps, documents, and photographs created by the Planning Department while creating subdivisions in the city. This collection consists entirely of 35mm microfilm; appointments are required to access this collection.

Superintendent of Buildings Files, 1909-1933 (0411.016)

The files maintained by the Superintendent of Buildings from the early 20th Century. Documents include correspondence, bids and proposals, elevator inspection reports, and other types of records related to buildings in the city.

Ward Maps Collection, 1873-2012 (0411.012)

Ward maps show the City of Manchester's ward boundaries for a given year. Maps may be of the entire city, of one ward, or of multiple wards. Ward boundaries are updated every ten years, using data from the federal census.

Zoning Board of Adjustment Records, 1927 - 1933 (0411.008)

This collection contains meeting minutes, petitions, and other related documentation of the board.

Zoning Ordinances, 1926 - 2014 (0411.001)

This collection consists of Manchester's local zoning ordinances, starting with the first ordinance issued in 1927. It also includes a report of the city's zoning needs from 1926.