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Senior Services Department (0418)

In 1978, the Board of Mayor and Aldermen prepared for the needs of the elderly population by appointing an Elderly Services Policy Committee to assist the BMA with collecting information and statistics on the needs of senior citizens. During its tenure, the committee determined there was a need to provide direct services and programs for Manchester’s senior residents.

On October 21, 1986, the City of Manchester passed an ordinance to create the Department of Elderly Services, which was later called the Department of Senior Services. Its responsibilities included “providing services to the elderly population of the city as well as advising the Board of Mayor and Aldermen as to the needs of that population and recommending the policy to be adopted to meet those needs.” Existing senior centers were joined to the department for continuity of service and administrative direction.

The department has continued to evolve over the course of its existence, and remains dedicated to the enhancement of the lives of Manchester’s seniors by developing innovative programs that promote health, wellness, independence, and longevity.


Publicity and Outreach Collection (0418.001)

This collection contains materials related to the efforts of the department to publicize its programs and services, as well as its outreach initiatives to Manchester's senior residents. It contains newsletters, photographs, press releases and news articles, files containing various documents related to various special events hosted by the department, and surveys administered to senior citizens to collect their opinions and thoughts on various topics.