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Station 9 - Calef Road

Station 9
Station 9 - 575 Calef Rd.

The first station was built in 1894, in the area of Queen City Avenue and Elm Street. Called the Bakersville Firehouse, it housed only a horse drawn hose carriage which was Hose 3. In 1932, Hose 3 was replaced by an Ahrens Fox motorized pumper and became Engine 9.

In 1963, the commercial expansion of South Willow Street had begun and plans for extending Queen City Avenue meant the razing of the Bakersville firehouse. A new station was built further south, where Station 9 stands today.

Station 9's response district includes the Manchester Airport, numerous manufacturing and industrial facilities, and the majority being single family homes.

The current station is scheduled for demolition in 2022 to allow the City to build a new Station 9 in the same location.