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If you are contacting us about a payment, your water bill or to report a water quality concern, please make sure to include your property address.

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*****The Right-To-Know Law (RSA 91-A) provides that most e-mail communications, to or from City employees and City volunteers regarding the business of the City of Manchester, are government records available to the public upon request. Therefore, this email communication may be subject to public disclosure.******


Cohas Avenue Pumping Station
Cohas Avenue Pumping Station

Board of Water Commissioners

  • Jay Ruais, Mayor Ex-Officio
  • Harold (Hal) Sullivan, President
  • Gary Hamer, Clerk
  • Craig Brown
  • Patricia Cornell
  • Garry Haworth
  • Elizabeth (Liz) Kotowski

Administrative Staff

  • Philip W. Croasdale, C.P.A. Water Works Director
  • Guy Chabot P.E., Water Works Deputy Director, Water Distribution
  • David Miller P.E., Water Works Deputy Director, Water Treatment & Supply
  • Mia Lee, Water Works Deputy Director, Finance & Administration
  • John O'Neil, Watershed Land & Property Manager
Contact Information

City of Manchester
Water Works
Business Office

281 Lincoln Street
Manchester, NH 03103

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Phone: (603) 624-6494
Fax: (603) 628-6020

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Monday - Friday
8:00 am to 4:30 pm

Evening hours available by appointment

Water Treatment Plant
1581 Lake Shore Road
Manchester, NH 03109

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