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Fitness Rewards Plan

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It's as easy as 1-2-3!

Fitness Reimbursement video (3min)

  1. Track your workouts.
  2. Work out 35 times every six-months.
  3. Receive up to a $200 reimbursement in two increments of $100 every six months.

How to Enroll

1. Have your fitness center complete a Fitness Facility Member Verification Form on page 3. (A new form will need to be completed each year or when you attend a new fitness center)

2. Complete the Gym Reimbursement form on page 2.

3. Obtain a copy your payment such as a receipt or statement from your fitness center or bank.

4. Track your gym visits.

Either get a printout from your fitness center or use the log within this form to keep track of your workout sessions: At the end of your workout session, enter the date and fitness center code, and ask a staff member to sign or stamp your log.

Submitting for Reimbursement

Once you complete your 35 required visits in a six-month period, you have two ways to send them the three documents:

Send printed/hard copies to:
Gym Reimbursement
P.O. Box 509117
San Diego, CA 92150-509117


Subject line: Gym Reimbursement Request