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Following is a list of parks and school grounds, along with the amenities available at each location. Manchester's 47 parks are managed by Parks & Rec (with the exception of the non-profit-run Manchester Dog Park).

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Park Name Park Type Location Acres Icons
MANCHESTER PARKS              
Arms Park Linkage B/n River & Commercial 4.72        
Barbara Shaw Park Play West Mitchell St 3.64      
Bass Island Park Conservation Second Street 1.26      
Blodget Park/Black Brook Conservation Front Street 63.66    
Bronstein Park Heritage Hanover & Beech Sts 2.84  
City Hall Plaza Heritage Elm Street 0.27        
Crystal Lake Park Entertainment Bodwell Rd 15.36
Cullerot Park Play Youville St 3.12      
Derryfield Park Entertainment Bridge St 76.81
Enright Park Play Lincoln/Merrimack Sts 0.93      
Gill Stadium Entertainment Beech/Maple/Valley 7.74
Harriman Park Play Hall/Central/Lake Sts 0.41      
Howe Park Play Lincoln/Howe St. 1.21      
Kalivas Park Heritage Lake Ave/Spruce/Chestnut 1.46        
Lafayette Park Heritage Notre Dame Ave 2.06  
Lamont-Hanley Park Heritage Bridge/Elm 0.10  
Livingston Park / Dorr's Pond Entertainment DW Highway 131.09  
Martineau Park Heritage Dionne Drive 0.3        
McIntyre Ski Area Entertainment Kennard Road 33.45    
Oak Park Heritage Oak/Maple Streets 2.65        
Pine Island Park Conservation Brown Ave 7.9
Piscataquog River Park Conservation Off of Precourt St 135.32
Precourt Park/Nutt's Pond Conservation Off of South Beech Street 32.28
Prout Park Play Young/Hayward Sts 5.67
Pulaski Park Heritage Bridge/Pine St 2.48  
Raco-Theodore Park Play Varney to Head St 6.62
Rock Rimmon Fields Play Moore Street 10.8      
Rock Rimmon Park Entertainment Mason St. 94.5
Sheehan-Basquil Park Entertainment Maple/Auburn Sts 8.37   
Sheridan-Emmett Park Heritage 324 Beech St 5.65  
Simpson Park Heritage Off of Coolidge Ave. 1.31
St. Anthony's Park Play 292 S Taylor St 7.73
Stanton Plaza Heritage Elm St.  1.04  
Stark Landing Linkage Behind MerhantsAuto.com Stadium 1.37
Stark Park Heritage North River Road 30.1
Steven's Park Play Tarrytown/Mammoth 11.78
Steven's Pond Park Conservation Off of Bridge St Extension 53.04
Sullivan Park Play Calef Road 2.68    
Sweeney Park Play Off of South Main St 1.58
Thibault Field Play Douglas St. 3.57
Veteran's Memorial Park Heritage Elm 5.62
Victory Park Heritage Pine/Chestnut/Concord 2.04
Wagner Park Heritage Maple/Harrison Sts 1.53  
Weston Tower Conservation Reservoir Ave 10.34  
Wolfe Park Play Harvell St 14.04
Youngsville Park Play Candia Road 16.63
Bakersville School K-5 South Elm St 2.93
Beech Street School K-5 Beech Street 5.7
Gossler/Parkside K-5/6-8 Sullivan Street 21.59
Green Acres/McLaughlin K-5/6-8 Aurore Ave 42.68
Hallsville School K-5 275 Jewett St 1.14  
Highland Goffs Falls School K-5 2021 Goffs Falls Rd 14.17
Hillside School 8-Jun 112 Reservoir Ave 13.29
Jewett Street School K-5 130 South Jewett St 9.58
McDonough School K-5 550 Lowell Street 6.22
Memorial C.Lemire Sportsplex High 9-12 Weston Rd 34.16
Northwest Elementrary K-5 300 Youville St 3.83
Parker-Varney School K-5 223 James A Pollack Dr 14.12
Smyth Road School K-5 Bruce Rd. 9.92
Southside Junior High Middle 6-8 140 S. Jewett St.  5.69
Webster School K-5 North Elm Street 3.06
West/West Memorial Field High 9-12 9 Main St. 10.15
Weston School K-5 1066 Hanover St 2.62
Wilson Street School K-5 Wilson Street 1.15