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Dog License

DogWhich Dogs Must Be Licensed?

State of New Hampshire RSA 466:1 requires that every owner or keeper of a dog four months old or older shall annually cause it to be registered, numbered, described, and licensed for one year in the city or town in which the dog is kept. Regardless of when the license is obtained, the license shall be effective from May 1st of each year to April 30th of the subsequent year.

Online Payments

The City of Manchester now offers online payments and electronic billing for dog licenses.  We have partnered with Invoice Cloud to provide these services to our customers. You may now pay your dog license fees online using a credit card or electronic check.  Please note that if you use a credit card, there is an additional fee of $1.95 or 2.75% of the transaction amount (whichever is greater).

To get started, you will need to know your account number and a PIN number, which appears on letters and notices sent to you by mail or email (if you have registered on the Invoice Cloud site).

Please note:  to use this service, your dog's rabies vaccination must be current (more information).  If your address recently changed, please contact the Office of the City Clerk before attempting to use this service.

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What Do I Need To License My Dog?

State law requires that before a license is issued, the owner or keeper of a dog must furnish proof to the town or city clerk that the dog has been vaccinated against rabies.

In addition, if the dog has been spayed or neutered, the owner or keeper needs to furnish the town or city with the proper documentation.

How Much Does It Cost?

  • Puppy (ages 4-7 months) $7.50
  • Neutered or spayed dogs $7.50
  • Unaltered male of female dog $10.00
  • Senior citizen dog $3.00 (owner who is 65 years old or older on the first dog only)
  • Replacement tag $1.50

How Do I License My Dog?

You can register your dog in person at the City Clerk's Office, One City Hall Plaza, on Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.  You may also register by mail by clicking on the Dog License Registration Form. Please follow the instructions on the registration from, send the appropriate fee and mail it to our office.

What Happens If I Don't License My Dog?

Failure to license your dog is a violation of State law. In addition to the annual license fee you will be charged a late fee of $1.00 per month, per dog for each month (or part of month) after June 1st. A civil forfeiture fee will also be assessed in the amount of $25.00, which is payable within fifteen (15) days of receipt of the notice of failure to register your dog(s). If the forfeiture fee is not paid within that time, a summons to appear in court shall be issued in accordance with State law requirements.

I No Longer Own My Dog, What Should I Do?

Contact the Manchester City Clerk's Office at (603) 624-6455 or . We will then update your record so that you do not receive any future notices.

1891 Dog License - Cost $2.00