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Dog License - Online Payment Requirements

If Your Dog's Rabies Vaccination Has Expired:

In order to obtain a a dog license whether online, by mail, or in person, your dog’s rabies vaccination must be current and proof of this has been provided to the City of Manchester Office of the City Clerk.

All dog are required by State law to be vaccinated against rabies.  Rabies vaccinations are effective only for a certain period, either one year or three years depending on the specific vaccination given to your dog.  

If your dog's rabies vaccination date has expired, a dog license cannot be issued until the City receives proof that an updated rabies vaccination has been given to your dog.   Normally, your veterinarian will send the City a notice after vaccinating your dog.  

For further assistance in paying online, or if you have any questions, please contact contact the City of Manchester Office of the City Clerk at 603-624-6455 or by .