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Street Repairs and Improvements

The Highway Division continually maintains, improves and rebuilds over 400 miles of public streets throughout Manchester.

Types of Road Improvements

Highway Division personnel employ four types of techniques to repair and improve roadways:

  • Crack Sealing – A maintenance procedure that places a specialized sealant into pavement cracks, thereby preventing water from infiltrating into the underlying pavement.
  • Patching – Primarily used to repair localized defects in the roadway surface or restore the roadway surface after a trench is made.  Patching can be a relatively quick and easy short term solution, such as filling potholes, or a more permanent solution when used in repairing utility trenches. 
  • Resurfacing – A repair technique where an additional pavement layer is added to existing roadway.  In some cases, the new pavement layer is placed on top of the existing pavement; in other cases, several inches of the existing pavement are first milled off prior to placing new pavement.  Both techniques are meant to repair minor surface defects, smooth the surface, seal and protect the underlying pavement layers, and add additional structure.
  • Reconstruction – The most expensive and time-consuming of the street repair options.  The entire road is rebuilt.  The existing pavement and underlying material is removed and replaced with a new gravel road base and layer of pavement.  This work may also involve installation of new storm drainage systems, curbing, sidewalks and street lighting.

Paving Plan

The Highway Division has developed a detailed paving plan for Manchester. As part of this process, we have conducted an assessment of pavement conditions along city streets.  For a summary of the results, see the street condition map and the pavement assessment presentation made to the Board of Mayor and Aldermen on January 6, 2015.

View Updated Paving Plan

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