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Graffiti Removal

The Highway Division removes graffiti that is on public property, or on private property but visible from the public right-of-way.

Services and Program Rules

Graffiti removal services at both public and private properties are provided free of charge; however, the process for requesting graffiti removal differs depending on its location.

Public Property

To request removal of graffiti from public property, use Manchester NH, Connect or contact the Highway Division.

Private Property

To request removal of graffiti from private property, fill out a Graffiti Removal Authorization.  This form must be signed and submitted by the property owner.  The form authorizes the City to clean up graffiti on the identified property as it is reported or as the City finds it.

Please note the following:

  • Only graffiti that is both visible from the public right-of-way and safely accessible is eligible for removal. 
  • Graffiti located higher than the first floor of a building or on a non-permanent fixture, such as a trash container or vehicle, is not eligible for removal.
  • Personnel use a high-pressure water machine to remove graffiti.  In cases where this method is not appropriate, personnel may elect to paint over the graffiti.  Available colors are limited, so please keep in mind that paint will not be matched perfectly.

Graffiti is a Crime

If you witness someone defacing property, call 911. See also the Manchester Police Department's tips on how to discourage graffiti in your neighborhood.