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Winter Parking

Overnight Winter Parking  Ban


  • Park on the EVEN numbered side of the street on even numbered months from 1AM - 6AM (December, February, April)
  • Park on the ODD numbered side of the street on odd numbered months from 1AM - 6AM (January, March)
  • If parking is presently allowed on only one side of the street during the day, then parking will be permitted on that side of the street every night. 
  • No overnight parking is permitted on the circular portion of dead-end cul-de-sacs.
  • During a Snow Emergency (see below) all vehicles must be removed from both sides of the street.

To facilitate snow removal and emergency vehicle access, the City of Manchester’s Overnight Winter Parking Ban goes into effect on the morning of December 1st at 1:00 AM, and will run through April 15th. Where parking is normally allowed on a street, the Overnight Winter Parking Ban permits vehicles to be parked only on the odd numbered side of a street on odd numbered calendar months, and only on the even numbered side of a street on even numbered calendar months beginning after 1:00 AM and until 6:00 AM.  This means you should park on the even side of the street during December, and park on the odd side of the street in January, etc.   Fines for Overnight Winter Parking Violations range from $50 to $85. 

Snow Emergency Parking Ban


snow emergency flashing light

Upon declaration of a snow emergency by the Public Works Director, vehicles must be removed from both sides of all City streets between the hours of 10:00 PM – 6:00 AM.   


The City makes the following locations available for free parking during snow emergencies. Note that snow emergency parking at these locations is only permitted from 8:00 PM the night of the snow emergency until the following morning (time is location dependent and may be subject to parking fees.)


  • Arms Park 
  • Public Parking Lot North of Tru Hotel 
  • Gill Stadium (Beech St side lot)
  • Hartnett Lot
  • Livingston Park (lot at end of Beech St only)
  • Pearl Street Lot
  • ​Precourt Park Lot
  • Shaw Park (formerly Brown Mitchell) 
  • West Side Arena, behind arena
  • Victory Parking Garage


Towed Vehicle (Impoundment) Information

Vehicles left on the street during a declared snow emergency could be fined $150-200, or be removed, impounded and stored at the City’s Vehicle Impound Lot located at the entrance to Derryfield Park. In order to recover an impounded vehicle, the owner is required to present proof of ownership and pay a $200 fee (cash only). This must be done within 24 hours of the time when the vehicle was towed.  Vehicles not recovered within 24 hours, will be subject to additional storage charges.


The City announces snow emergencies via the following: