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During the winter months, the Highway Division keeps over 650 miles of streets and sidewalks open and safe for travel by declaring snow emergencies and removing snow.

Winter Parking

To facilitate snow removal and emergency vehicle access, special winter parking restrictions apply during overnight hours and snow emergencies.

Tips for Residents

Read about best practices for dealing with snow, and learn how you can help improve services along your street during and after storms.

Repair of Snow Plow Damage

Consult our policy to learn how Public Works will repair or replace structures inadvertently damaged by City snow plows. Limitations apply.

Did You Know?

To minimize adverse impacts to water bodies and corrosion of vehicles, Highway Division crews use the least amount of de-icing material necessary to restore safe travel conditions in a timely manner.

Rules and Regulations

City of Manchester ordinances have been established to ensure safe travel and emergency vehicle access during and after snow storms.  Please keep in mind the following: