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Plow Damage

Because of the difficulty of operating large equipment in inclement weather, City snowplows occasionally damage private mailboxes, fences and other structures.  In such cases, the City will work with the owner to repair or replace damaged property.

Repair of Damaged Property

If you believe your property has been damaged by a City snowplow, please contact us and provide: your name; your address; the object that was struck; and the date and approximate time that the damage occurred. 

In most cases, property damage will have already been reported by City crews.  In those cases when a claim cannot be confirmed, the City will conduct an investigation and respond to you with a determination in a timely manner.

Damage that is confirmed to be the result of an errant City snowplow will be repaired by Public Works, as follows:

  • Mailboxes – Public Works will only install standard mailboxes and posts that are readily and locally available; custom or special order mailboxes will not be replicated.
  • Fences and Other Structures – Public Works will attempt to restore the structure to its original state.

Property owners will be contacted by Public Works personnel to coordinate repairs and replacements.  Note that any damaged structure that is not constructed to code and/or lacks any necessary permit will not be repaired or replaced.

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Snow Removal

Crews prioritize streets that:

  • are primary access routes to hospitals, schools, or the airport
  • serve major commercial corridors
  • lead into or out of the city

Sidewalks are cleared by the same personnel.  Expect delays.

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