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Tips for Residents

Residents and business owners can assist with snow removal efforts, as well as improve services along their street during and after storms, by following these tips:

  • Park Vehicles Off-Street – During snow emergencies, it is prohibited to park on city streets.  Outside of snow emergencies, the winter overnight odd/even parking ban or other posted restrictions may apply.  Regardless of whether any of these restrictions is in place, it is always helpful to park off-street during the winter months.  This allows the Highway Division to continue snow removal efforts and prepare for the next storm. 
  • Make Sure Your Trash/Recycling is Accessible – If a snowstorm occurs immediately before or on your trash/recycling collection day, do not place your materials for pickup until absolutely necessary.  If too much snow builds up around the receptacles, crews will not be able to service them.  You can sign up for electronic alerts to be advised of any weather-related delays to trash/recycling collection schedules.
  • Keep your Mailbox Clear – Maintain an accessible area in front of your mailbox to allow for mail delivery.  Should a City snowplow accidentally damage your mailbox, see our plow-damaged property policy.
  • Keep Children and their Toys Safe – Do not allow children to play on or around the street during a storm or afterwards.  Visibility is often limited during snowplowing efforts.  Snow forts or tunnels in snowbanks present a serious hazard.  In addition, sledding areas and toys should be kept far away from the street.
  • Adopt a Fire Hydrant – If there is a fire hydrant located near your residence or business, consider helping out emergency efforts by keeping access to the hydrant clear of snow.
  • Be Smart about Clearing the End of Your Driveway – When clearing snow from the end of your driveway, it may be less frustrating to wait until the snowplow has passed.  When facing the street, clear snow to the right (or, on a one-way street, in the direction of traffic flow).  This will minimize the amount of snow pushed back in front of your driveway.
  • Never Push Snow into the Right-of-Way – It is unlawful for you or your contractors to push any snow or ice into a street, sidewalk or other right-of-way (§ 97.03 of Manchester City Ordinances).  Such actions create hazards in areas that have already been cleared.
  • Help Clear Sidewalks – Although the Highway Division snowblows many sidewalks, residents and business owners are encouraged to help clear them when possible.