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Manchester's Primary Care Safety NetManchester's Primary Care Safety Net
"Intact but Endangered" A CALL TO ACTION

Manchester Sustainable Access Project
A Strategic Planning Initiative of the Healthy Manchester Leadership Council.

This report describes economic barriers to primary care faced both by city residents (access to services) and by providers (provision of services). During the past several years, Manchester has experienced a substantial increase in numbers of residents who are living in poverty, are uninsured, and underinsured. The provider community and city government are committed to working together to develop an economically sustainable system of primary care that assures the health of these more vulnerable residents.

Worksite Wellness Resource Kit

This Worksite Wellness Resource Kit serves to provide local businesses with the tools and resources they need to implement comprehensive wellness programming and to develop a work environment that supports a culture and value of health and wellbeing for all employees. By promoting and assisting individuals to make healthy behavior changes that will translate to long-term lifestyle changes, we will begin to reduce the impact of chronic diseases in the Manchester Community. In return, businesses that invest in comprehensive health and wellness programming will benefit from increased productivity, reduced absenteeism, lower employee turnover, and decreased healthcare utilization.

Manchester Health Department 2005 Report Card

One of the core functions of a local health department is the ongoing assessment of its community. In 1997, the Manchester Health Department issued the initial series of "Public Health Report Cards" for the community. We are pleased to provide the City with a new set of Report Cards, which in some cases, update previous data, and in others, report on new public health issues. Through the use of the Public Health Report Cards and other health assessment initiatives, the Manchester Health Department is committed to identifying priority community issues and fostering evidence-based measures to improve the health of our residents.

2005 Report Card Page

This report card is intended to document and describe current differences in social and economic well-being between the rapidly growing populations in the Manchester community and State. It has been produced for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention NH REACH 2010 Initiative (Racial and Ethnic Approaches to Community Health) by the City of Manchester Department of Health and is designed to further one of the goals of the NH REACH 2010 Initiative: to educate people about the facts surrounding the issue of race and ethnicity in our community.

Turn of the Century 1999 Annual Report

It is with great pleasure that we present this "Turn of the Century" report on the activities of the Manchester Health Department for 1999. This report summarizes the work of each of the Department’s divisions and includes some historical photos and information. In fact, the Board of Health Report for 1900 is presented herein in its entirety. From this report, readers will develop a sense of how far we have come as a community over the past century, over a period of just a few generations. What will the health of our children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren be just a few generations from now?

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