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Bid/RFP Information
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HR:  RFP - Plan Administrative Investment and Trust Services for the Deferred Compensation Plan and Trust

Questions:  Peter Scott at Centurion Group at

RFP Proposals Due:  Feb. 19, 2019 by 5:00 PM

Response to RFP Questions

Manchester Plan Document




Water:  RFQ - Amoskeag Bridge Pipeline Improvement Project

Questions:  Guy Chabot


Amoskeag Bridge Pipeline Improvement

Due: Jan. 31, 2019

by 2:00 PM

FY 19-804-27

Water:  RFQ - Cleaning and Cement lining of cast Iron water mains

Questions:  Guy Chabot at

Cleaning and cement lining of cast iron water mains

Due: Jan. 31, 2019

By 2:00 PM


Airport:  RFP - Airport Rescue and Firefighting

Questions:  Carl Braley at 603-624-6539 or

Airport Proposals Due:  March 11 by 9:30 AM    

DPW:  RFQ - CMAQ Granite Street and South Willow Street Signal Project

Questions:  Kristen Clarke at 603-624-6444

Signal Qualifications Due:  Jan. 31, by 3:00 PM    

DPW:  RFQ - North Elm Street Masonry Wall Reconstruction and Repairs

Questions:  Chris Proulx at 603-624-6444

Wall Qualifications Due:  March 1 by 5:00 PM    

DPW:  RFQ - Contractors for Traffic Signal Upgrades

Questions:  Kristen Clarke at 603-624-6444

Upgrade Qualifications Due:  Feb. 21 by 2:00 PM    

Parking:  RFP - Pay-by-Cell Services for Municipal Parking

Questions:  Denise Boutilier at

Parking Proposals Due:  March 15 by 5:00 PM    

PCD:  Bid - Demolition of Multi-Family Apartment Building

Questions:  David Albin at 603-792-6740 or



Bids Due:  March 7 by 2:00 PM    

DPW:  RFQ - South Beech Street Reconstruction

Questions:  David Winslow at 603-624-6444

Beech Qualifications Due:  March 1 by 5:00 PM    

DPW:  RFQ - School Pavement Repairs and Reconstruction

Questions:  Keith Coviello at 603-624-6444

Pavement Qualifications Due:  March 1 by 5:00 PM    

Water:  Bid - Water Mains and Service Materials

Questions:  Michael Adams at 603-792-2802

Mains Bids Due:  March 14 by 2:30 PM    


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