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Fleet-Bid-Trackless Sidewalk Tractor


Tractor Bids Due:   Nov. 18 by 2:30 PM #1

Awarded to:

HP Fairfield


EPD:  Prequalifications - Boiler Replacement Project

Questions:  Robert Morris at 603-624-6335

Boiler Prequalifications Due:  Dec. 23 by 4:00 PM    

Facilities:  RFP - City Hall East Roofing Replacement

Questions:  Eric Krueger at 603-792-5316 or


Walk Through:  Nov. 30, 2016 at 2:00 PM

Proposals Due:  Dec. 14 by 2:00 PM




Fleet:  Bid - Truck Chassis(s)


Trucks Bids Due:  Dec. 13 by 2:00 PM    

EPD:  Prequalifications - CMOM Phase II Sewer Rehab. and Replacement

Questions:  Dan St.Marie at Hazen and Sawyer of Massachusetts  at 617-574-4747

CMOM Prequalifications Due:  Dec. 21 by 4:00 PM to Hazen and Sawyer.    

Water Works:  RFP - Relocation of Existing 24 inch Pressure Reducing Valve

Questions:  David Miller at


Mandatory Meeting:  Dec. 16 at 1:00 PM.

Proposals Due:  Jan. 12 by 3:00 PM.


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