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Bids - Current Opportunities

Note: If a vendor downloads a Bid/RFP from this website, it is the vendor's responsibility to periodically check this website for addenda prior to submitting a Bid/Proposal.

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Bid/RFP Information
Bid # Description Download PDF Bid Opening Addenda  Results

Parks and Recreation:  Derryfield Country Club Golf Course Improvement Project

Questions:  Dave Winslow at dwinslow@manchesternh.gov





RFQ:  2014 LED Street Lighting Conversion Project

Questions:  Chris Proulx at cproulx@manchesternh.gov


Water Works:  Request for Proposal - Milfoil Harvesting Services Contract

Questions:  John O'Neil at jmoneil@manchesternh.gov

Milfoil Aug. 14 at 3:00 PM #1

Water Works:  Prequalification Statements - Cleaning and Lining Distribution Water Mains

Questions: Guy Chabot at 603-792-2801 or  Gchabot@manchesternh.gov

Prequal Aug. 8 by 4 PM Results

Water Works:  Proposal - Professional Consulting Services for Design and Construction of Two (2) 6.5 Million Gallon Low Service System Storage Tanks

Questions:  Call 603-792-2819

Tanks Sept. 4 by 3 PM

Request for Proposal: for Banks to Provide a Direct Placement

Questions:  Kenneth D. Fullerton of Public Financial Management at fullertonk@pfm.com or 727-319-9292



Financials 2012

FY12-FY13 Reconcile

Submit via email by Aug. 18 at 4 PM

Operating July05

Operating Dec09

Operating April2013

Request Aug2014



FY14 Budget Res

FY15Budget Res

Revenue Bond Resolution

Eleventh Supplement


Public Works:  Traffic Signal Improvements 2014

Questions:  Bruce Thomas at bthomas@manchesternh.gov

Bid Part 1

Bid Part 2

Plan 1

Plan 2

Plan 3

Prequals. due by 4pm on Sept. 12

Bid opening on Oct. 3


Public Works:  Contract Agreement for Residential Sidewalk and Curb Construction, "50/50 Program"

Questions:  Jason Giotas at jgiotas@manchesternh.gov

Specs Sept. 16 by 3PM #1

Water Works: RFP - Overhaul of hydroelectric Generator

Questions: rjohnson@manchesternh.gov

RFP Sept. 4 by 2PM

Facilities:  RFQ - Professional Architect and Engineering Services for Expansion/Renovation at Manchester School of Technology

Questions:  Kevin O'Maley at komaley@manchesternh.gov

RFQ Aug. 29 by 3 PM

Central Fleet: Bid - Plow Blades, Shoes & Corners and Tire Chains& Accessories

Questions: Purchasing@manchesternh.gov

Bid Sept. 18 by 2:30 PM




Central Fleet: Bid - Trailer Mounted Leaf Vacuum

Questions:  Purchasing@manchesternh.gov

Vacuum Sept. 18 by 3PM

Human Resources:  RFP - Collective Bargaining and Labor Relations Services

Questions:  Jane Gile at 603-624-6543 or jgile@manchesternh.gov

RFP Oct. 1 by 4PM

Central Fleet:  Bid - New Tires,Tubes and Retreads

Questions:  purchasing@manchesternh.gov

Tires Oct. 16 by 2:30 PM

Facilities:  Prequalification - Construction Manager, MST Renovations and Expansions

Questions:  Kevin O'Maley at komaley@manchesternh.gov

Prequal Oct. 7 by 3PM

Facilities:  Prequalification - Construction Manager, Beech and Webster Open Concept Conversion

Questions:  Kevin O'Maley at komaley@manchesternh.gov

Prequal Oct. 7 by 3PM

Central Fleet:  Bid - 1.5 ton Cab & Chassis

Questions:  purchasing@manchesternh.gov

Truck Oct. 16 at 3PM

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