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Bulky Items

Bulky items are furniture, appliances, and other materials whose size or weight precludes standard curbside collection.

Curbside Collection by Appointment

You may request a curbside pickup of bulky items (maximum of five items per appointment) by submitting a completed Bulky Pickup Request Form along with the applicable fee.

Eligible Items

Examples of bulky items that qualify for curbside pickup include:

  • chairs, couches and cribs
  • exercise equipment
  • free-standing shelves
  • kitchen and laundry appliances
  • mattresses and box springs
  • rugs and carpets

Ineligible Items

By law or for safety reasons, the following materials are not picked up curbside under the bulky item program:

  • Construction/demolition debris (including doors, windows, cabinetry and bathroom fixtures)
  • Electronics (including televisions, computers, monitors and VCRs)
  • Landscaping materials such as rocks, concrete or wood
  • Propane tanks, fire extinguishers or other pressurized containers
  • Glass items (those with trivial amounts of glass MAY be collected, at the driver's discretion)

Many of these items may be disposed of at the Drop Off Facility.  If you are unsure if a bulky item qualifies for curbside collection, consult What Goes Where or contact the Highway Division.

Disposal at the Drop Off Facility

Most bulky items, including many not collected curbside, may be disposed of at the Drop Off Facility.  Fees are waived for a limited number of residential items and for scrap metal. 

Free Residential Disposal of Bulky Items

Manchester residents are eligible for free disposal of up to ten bulky items each year.  The following requirements and restrictions apply:

  • Customer must possess a current residential facility permit (see fee schedule for details)
  • Bulky items must come from the permit-holder's place of residence

Fee Waiver for Bulky Metal Items

There is no charge to either residential or commercial permit-holders to dispose of bulky items that are primarily metal.