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Manchester Arts Commission

The Manchester Arts Commission - "MAC" - was created in 1937, and is dedicated to promoting all forms of art and culture within the City of Manchester. MAC coordinates the display of local artists' works through the highly successful Art on the Wall @ City Hall program; the National Arts Program Exhibit, now in its thirteenth annual celebration this July/August, 2018 - showcasing art work from City of Manchester employees and their immediate family members; and other programs in development with partner organizations and institutions in Manchester.

MAC works with like-minded companies, organizations, educational institutions and individuals to commission public sculpture and public art displays to elevate appreciation of Manchester’s growing arts community - while directly adding to the economic impact of arts and culture within downtown Manchester.

MAC is actively part of Manchester Connects and the Manchester Cultural District Committee. Working closely with the Economic Development Office, the Planning Board, Department of Public Works and Intown Manchester, MAC ensures that public art works within Manchester may possess beauty in the highest practicable degree.


Collage of artwork from Manchester Arts Commission


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