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The Engagement Center at 39 Beech St

Published: 12/06/2023 5:00 PM

The Engagement Center
39 Beech Street, Manchester
Every day; 9AM to 5PM

The EC is a central homelessness support hub, available seven days a week dedicated to assisting all Manchester adult residents who are grappling with housing instability.  The EC is a compliment to the 40 bed adult emergency shelter that we provide at the 39 Beech St. location.  The center is a collaborative effort with the network of providers and advocates that service this population.  The model increases collaboration, care coordination, and improves and measures outcomes particularly for the population of unsheltered, unhoused individuals. 

Data-Driven Approach:
One of our core objectives is to centralize data related to the homeless population. This initiative will provide the city with a comprehensive understanding of who is homeless in our community and the factors contributing to homelessness and help identify effective solutions. By addressing issues such as histories of housing, credit, criminality, and more, we aim to tackle the root causes of homelessness in Manchester.

Our Commitment:
At the EC, we are committed to helping our guests recover from homelessness. Our mission is to provide low threshold services that are on demand and in person in an environment that is person centered, recovery oriented, and trauma informed.  We provide a community space that strives to be safe and welcoming.  The space is serviced-enriched with our community partners specializing in street outreach, housing, and behavioral health.  If you would like to partner with us, reach out to the Housing Stability Dept. at 603-792-3853

What We Offer:
Hygiene Facilities: The EC offers essential amenities such as laundry, showers, bathrooms and essential supplies, ensuring that individuals have access to basic personal hygiene.  The EC will also function as a warming station extension for fatality prevention during the Winter daily (overnight in extreme weather conditions only).

Meals: We are partnering with the NH Food Bank and the First United Methodist Church to provide nutritious meals and refreshments on site.

Clothing: Our center also offers clothing both basics and work oriented, helping individuals maintain their dignity and comfort.

Substance Use Support: We facilitate access to substance abuse treatment, harm reduction support, peer counseling, and recovery housing.

Mental Health Support: The EC facilitates access to mental health services, recognizing the importance of emotional well-being in achieving housing stability.

Medical Care: Our facility partners with medical professionals available to attend to health needs on site.

Housing Navigation: Our team is dedicated to helping individuals find and maintain housing; addressing obstacles like lack of vital records, identification, and income.  We partner with providers who remove barriers to housing with case management and housing navigation services.  We partner with legal services to also address criminal and housing histories that can limit access to housing.

Employment Services: We partner on site with programs that provide assistance to those seeking employment opportunities, promoting self-sufficiency and economic stability.

Donations can be dropped off 7 days a week at 39 Beech St, between 9am and 5pm:  We invite the community to support our mission by donating items that can greatly assist individuals in their journey toward housing stability. Your generosity can make a significant difference.

We are currently in need of the following items:

Winter wear, backpacks, feminine supplies, tooth-brushing supplies, hair supplies, deodorant, band aids, razors, lotion, hand sanitizer, trash bags, wallets, toilet paper, paper towels, hand soap, bar soap, paper plates, plastic utensils, to go cups, ground coffee, sugar, sweetener, creamer, hand warmers, toe warmers, shower shoes, journals, and planners.

Warming in Manchester: Dec 1st thru March 31st

Published: 12/01/2023 12:00 PM

Winter Warming Stations will be in effect across the state. 
Follow up with www.DHHS.NH.gov for further updates throughout the Winter.

Warming in Manchester:  Dec 1st thru March 31st:

The 1269 Café
Address:  456 Union St.
Phone:  603-512-1571

Overnight Warming Station:
8pm-7am, every night (no new entries after 5am)
Capacity: 56 (tables and chairs, no cots)
Doors open once per hour, on the hour.  One time in, one time out; guests may stay as long/briefly as desired.

Daytime Café Schedule: 
Sunday – Friday (Café is not open for daytime hours on Saturdays, Overnight Warming Station hours only*)
Capacity:  56
Access to showers, meals, food pantry, community providers including MMH, HCH, on-site SUD provider and counseling, responsive medical care, residential model for men.

Dept. of Housing Stability, City of Manchester
The Engagement Center:  Open 7 days a week, 9am-5pm
Address:  39 Beech St.
Phone:  603-413-1775

City Operated Warming Station Extension: The City of Manchester Fire Department is prepared to support the Director of Housing Stability by providing staffing for a warming station at 39 Beech Street when capacity has been met at all known shelter partners and temperature/weather thresholds are met. As in past years, the Division of Emergency Management will monitor weather and maintain communications with relevant partners. Transportation to the warming station at 39 Beech Street will be provided for those with disabilities, access and functional needs.

Activation: The Manchester Fire Department, Division of Emergency Management will monitor weather conditions, and make notifications to relevant partners i.e. Mayor’s Office, the Director of Housing Stability, Manchester Police, etc. in accordance with the City’s Extreme Temperature Annex guidelines. In coordination with the Director of Housing Stability, the Division of Emergency Management will monitor occupancy levels at existing overnight shelters to assist in the decision making process regarding emergency overnight warming center operations. The EC emergency warming station will operate from 7pm to 7am when activated.  


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