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2018 Departmental Expenditures

Accounts payable expenditures by vendor totaling $10,000 and above for fiscal year 2018. If you have questions regarding these expenditures, please call Don Pinard at (603) 624-6444.

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Department NameDescriptionVendorVendor NumberAmount
Highway DepartmentCIP - EquipmentBEAUREGARD EQUIPMENT INC000000293$117,070.07
Highway DepartmentCIP - EquipmentNATIONAL AUTO FLEET GROUP000040049$34,814.00
Highway DepartmentConstruction ContractCONTINENTAL PAVING INC000000683$1,473,406.16
Highway DepartmentConstruction ContractsCONTINENTAL PAVING INC000000683$1,141,333.06
Highway DepartmentConstruction ContractsSEALCOATING INC000002761$41,158.45
Highway DepartmentConstruction MaterialBANK OF AMERICA000039427$13,715.13
Highway DepartmentConstruction MaterialCONTINENTAL PAVING INC000000683$60,537.71
Highway DepartmentConstruction MaterialELECTRIC LIGHT CO INC000025893$24,451.00
Highway DepartmentConstruction MaterialENNIS PAINT INC.000037037$30,339.50
Highway DepartmentConstruction MaterialTRAFFIC PARTS, INC.000034136$11,292.50
Highway DepartmentContractsCALAMP RADIO SATELLITE INTEGRATORS000038692$15,904.00
Highway DepartmentContractsCIVIL & ENVIRONMENTAL CONSULTANTS,I000038977$13,570.73
Highway DepartmentContractsIBM CORPORATION000001459$10,042.23
Highway DepartmentContractsNORTHEAST RESOURCE RECOVERY000025099$11,976.34
Highway DepartmentContractsPINARD WASTE SYSTEMS INC000002453$872,353.03
Highway DepartmentContractsWASTE MANAGEMENT OF NH INC000003185$965,976.98
Highway DepartmentDesign & EngineeringVANASSE HANGEN BRUSTLIN INC.000026842$27,194.16
Highway DepartmentElectricityEVERSOURCE000037786$29,112.52
Highway DepartmentInventoryEVERETT J. PRESCOTT, INC.000002516$34,829.70
Highway DepartmentOther Project CostsALL STATES ASPHALT INC000000093$357,908.01
Highway DepartmentOther Project CostsATS EQUIPMENT INC000030279$29,839.90
Highway DepartmentOther Project CostsCATERPILLAR FINANCIAL SERVICES CORP000037939$11,376.86
Highway DepartmentOther Project CostsCLD CONSULTING ENGINEERS INC000000704$27,397.90
Highway DepartmentOther Project CostsEVERETT J. PRESCOTT, INC.000002516$44,346.92
Highway DepartmentOther Project CostsFUSS & O'NEILL, INC.000040304$39,695.34
Highway DepartmentOther Project CostsJOHN H LYMAN & SONS INC000028202$235,761.80
Highway DepartmentOther Project CostsMANCHESTER POLICE DEPARTMENT000035127$12,066.65
Highway DepartmentOther Project CostsPROJECT FLAGGING, INC000039866$15,075.45
Highway DepartmentOther Project CostsSEALCOATING INC000002761$814,904.72
Highway DepartmentOther Project CostsWEAVER BROS. CONSTRUCTION CO. INC.000036617$32,408.00
Highway DepartmentP-Card TransactionsP-CARD INT IN  REFLECTIVE APP000039427$10,060.47
Highway DepartmentRecycling TotersREHRIG PACIFIC COMPANY000023614$29,949.28
Highway DepartmentRoad SaltGRANITE STATE MINERALS INC000001270$63,735.58
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