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An encumbrance permit must be obtained when there is the need for:

  • any temporary closure or narrowing of a pedestrian walkway; or
  • the temporary closing of one or more lanes of a City street; or
  • the blocking or obstructing of any portion of the City right-of-way intended for vehicular or pedestrian usage.

Basic Requirements

Permittees must:

  • meet insurance and bonding requirements  (A bond is not required for encumbrance only)
  • submit and obtain approval of a traffic control/detour plan
  • provide appropriate barricades, detour signage and traffic controls
  • maintain a copy of the approved permit on site at all times

Encumbrance Application

Terms and Conditions:

  1. Thoroughly read and understand all conditions including insurance needs, plans, contacts
  2. At least 48 hours notice
  3. Applicant must either mail, e-mail or fax us a well drawn out map with north arrow, streets, and sign placement, traffic detours and personnel
  4. Applicant must contact Police, Fire, MTA and Parking Administrator
  5. No work may proceed without the approved permit in hand.
  6. Applicant must either come in and pay by cash or check, pay by mail, or some other way, before they can get any permit.

In order to change or update your application please contact the Highway Department.

Once your application has been reviewed, you will be contacted (email, phone) regarding permit status.