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Street Sweeping

The Highway Division regularly street-sweeps over 400 miles of roadway from early spring through late fall.

Benefits of Sweeping

Street sweeping is an integral part of street maintenance.  It serves two purposes:

  • Providing a clean and aesthetically-pleasing appearance
  • Preventing blockages in the storm drain system

Schedules and Parking Restrictions

Street sweeping begins in the spring as soon as weather permits and continues for approximately 36 weeks, or until adverse weather conditions require cessation of operations, typically in late fall. 

Any street sweeping between December 1 and April 15 occurs in conjunction with the overnight odd/even parking ban; outside of these dates, streets may be posted with parking restrictions to allow for sweeping to take place.

The frequency of street sweeping is as follows:

  • Downtown streets are typically swept twice per week
  • All other streets are swept approximately once every two to three months
  • School yards are swept once each year, in the spring
  • Streets within two blocks of schools receive an additional sweeping prior to commencement of school in the fall