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Signals, Signs and Striping

The Highway Division is responsible for the road signs, traffic signals and pavement striping that promote safe and efficient travel along Manchester's public streets.


Manchester has 157 traffic signals, 36 flashing beacons and 14 School Zone flashers.  The Highway Division:

  • Responds to signal service requests for malfunctioning signals
  • Evaluates and repairs vehicle detection at signalized intersections
  • Monitors existing signal timing and coordination for modifications, as needed


Manchester has approximately 40 signs per mile of public roadway.  Highway Division personnel replace damaged signs, install new signs, and upgrade existing signage to comply with the latest standards.  Signage includes:

  • Regulatory signs (stop, yield, pedestrian, lane use, one-way, parking restrictions, etc.)
  • Warning signs
  • Street names/guide signs


Manchester has striping to assist drivers and pedestrians throughout over 400 miles of public streets.  Annual maintenance programs are in place to repaint:

  • Double yellow center lines
  • White lane lines
  • Stop bars
  • Crosswalks
  • Lane use arrows
  • On-street parking stalls