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Billing Office

Manchester’s Sewer Billing Process

Welcome to the City of Manchester’s Sewer Billing Site. Effective January 2015, Manchester Water Works (MWW) and EPD combined our billings onto a single presentation Water and Sewer bill. 

Sewer Fees include a sewer usage charge and a sewer service charge. The usage charge is based on applying current usage rates to the total water consumption as determined by the MWW meter readings. The sewer service charge is based on the current service charge assigned to the specific types of owner establishments; i.e. residential, commercial, or industrial. For details on rates go to the Billing Rates page.

Any questions on sewer charges or sewer rates should be directed to EPD by calling (603) 624-6522 or via e-mail through the Contact Us page. We strive to provide the citizens of Manchester courteous and accurate responses to sewer related billing questions. To expedite our ability to assist you in answering any sewer related billing questions, please have your account number available when you call. Questions on payments should be directed to MWW by calling (603) 624-6494.

Ownership changes should be communicated at least two weeks prior to the sale of the property to MWW who will then prepare the final bill for both the water and sewer charges. Additional information can be found on the MWW website by clicking on the Customer Account Information link.

User charge credits for extraneous water used outside the home is available by completing an application for the installation of a “Deduct Meter”. This is done at the customer’s expense. If you would like more information on this program, simply click on the Deduct Meter Program site.

Discount rates are also available for those citizens who receive the “Optional Adjusted Elderly Exemption” program at the Tax Assessor’s Office. To determine if you currently qualify for the Optional Adjusted Elderly Exemption, look at your most recent Property Tax bill. Within the property description box, if the line item below the Total Valuation line states “Elderly Exempt Age-Based”, then you qualify for an EPD discount. For current discount rates, go to the EPD Billing Rates site.

Delinquent Bills are those bills that remain unpaid after 30 days for the bill date. As per Code of Ordinance, Title V, Section 52.10, sewer only accounts that remain delinquent will be submitted to the Board of Mayor and Aldermen to be committed via warrant to the Collector of Taxes. For further details, see the Delinquent Bills site.

Sewer Abatements are a formal request for a one-time reduction in sewer usage fees as the result of an extraordinary water usage event. The usage must meet established policy guidelines to qualify for reduction.  For further information simply click on the Sewer Abatements page.