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Deduct Meter Program

A 5/8" Deduct MeterMany times citizens of Manchester will use the water obtained from the Manchester Water Works to fill their pools, wash their cars, and water their lawns and gardens. This water typically does not enter the City sewer system for subsequent treatment at the City’s Wastewater Treatment Facility.

Because Manchester sewer bills are based on water usage, the deduct meter program was established to provide a credit for water that does not enter the sewer system.   This program is available to all property owners, however, for non-residential commercial/industrial properties, the program is limited to lawn irrigation usage.

This separate deduct meter is purchased by the property owner at his/her own expense to measure outside water usage.  The meter reading consumption from the deduct meter is then deducted from the Manchester Water Works meter reading consumption, to determine the Sewer Usage Charge.

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The City of Manchester, Environmental Protection Division (EPD) and the Manchester Waterworks (MWW), as part of the Combined Billing Initiative, has made changes to the Deduct Meter Program.

Effective June 1st all Deduct Meters Responsibilities will be attained by MWW:

  • Purchases of meters and horns.
  • Scheduled Inspections.
  • Scheduled Installations of new radio readers

To purchase a meter Manchester residents must go to MWW Business Office.

Located at MWW Business Office
281 Lincoln Street
Manchester, NH 03103

MWW office Hours
8:00 AM to 4:30 pm

To schedule a deduct inspection Manchester residents can call (603) 624-6494.

EPD apologizes for any inconvenience this may cause.

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