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Parking Citation Review Request Form

If you have received a parking ticket that you believe was issued incorrectly or have some reason why the ticket should be voided, provide your explanation in the space below. The citation will receive an administrative review and you should receive a response within a week.

If the citation is deemed valid, you will be notified by mail, email, or phone that you must pay the fine or that you can contest the citation by having a hearing in Manchester District Court. Court dates can be scheduled with the Ordinance Violations Bureau.

We are unable to dismiss parking tickets for any of the following reasons:

  • I was just there for a short time
  • Lack of legal parking space
  • Lack of convenient parking space
  • Time constraints (only a minute late)
  • Lack of funds (no change)
  • No one else got a ticket
  • Didn’t see the sign
  • Parked in same area and never received ticket before
  • Ignorance of City of Manchester Parking Regulation
  • I didn’t intend to do it
  • The fine is too much

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