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Manchester Urban Ponds Restoration Program




From 2000 - 2005 The Manchester Urban Ponds Restoration Program (UPRP) was part of the Supplemental Environmental Projects Plan (SEPP) which was part of an agreement between the City of Manchester, NH Department of Environmental Services, and the US Environmental Protection Agency to address combined sewers in the City. Seven (7) waterbodies in Manchester have been evaluated and monitored for restoration potential. Specific restoration projects to meet the program's goals have also been identified, funded, and completed through this project.

Dorrs Pond / Livingston ParkProject Partners:


Return the ponds to their historic uses (such as boating, fishing or swimming).


  1. Promote public awareness, education, and stewardship.
  2. Reduce pollutant loading and nutrient inputs and improve water quality.
  3. Maintain or enhance biological diversity.
  4. Provide improved recreational uses at each pond.

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