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Welcome to the web page for requests for proposals to draft the Manchester Natural Resources Inventory (NRI).  The purpose of this web page is to provide information to consultants who intend to submit a proposal for professional services to draft the NRI.  The process of selecting a consultant and approving the NRI will be administered by the Manchester Conservation Commission.  Any questions regarding the NRI should be directed to Jeffrey Belanger, Senior Planner for the City of Manchester and staff to the Commission, at      

Submission Requirements

All proposals must be submitted to the Planning and Community Development Department by 4:00 p.m. on Monday, December 23.  This is a correction to an inaccurately stated date on the originally issued request for proposals and initial announcement.  Please note that there has also been a change to the location for submitting proposals.  The Planning and Community Development Department has temporarily moved offices to 195 McGregor Street, Suite 201.  Please refer to the updated request for proposals for all submission requirements. 


Request for Proposals, Natural Resources Inventory

Manchester Master Plan

Manchester Wetlands Inventory Report

Questions and Answers

To ensure that all consultants have access to the same information, this section will state all questions that consultants have asked of the Commission regarding the request for proposals and all answers to those questions. 

1.  Question - "Could you provide clarity regarding the goal listed on page #2 'Identify locations of invasive species (plant and animal) that warrant the Commission's attention'? City-wide identification and mapping of invasive species is outside the scope of a typical Natural Resources Inventory and would require significant (and possibly insurmountable) fieldwork and private landowner permissions. Is the identification and mapping specific to City-owned lands, or parks/open spaces? If so, could you please specify the extent of this request?"

     Answer - The intent of the language “Identify locations of invasive species (plant and animal) that warrant the Commission's attention” is that the consultant would gather any already-existing information regarding invasive species in the Manchester Area and include that information in the NRI.  The NRI would then be a useful reference to the Commission regarding the possibility of invasive species throughout the city.  The intent of the language is not to expect the consultant to engage in field work to identify invasive species.  If the consultant identifies invasive species during field work for other tasks, then, of course, it would be helpful to note their existence, but there is no expectation of field work directed toward finding invasive species.


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