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Wellness Committee

Wellness Committee Logo

Welcome to the City of Manchester's Wellness committee. 

Mission Statement

To promote Health & Wellness of City employees through departmental collaboration. This group encourages City employees and their family members to strengthen their health & well being through educational opportunities, wellness activities and self improvement guidelines.

2020 Employee Goals and Challenges

  • Individual Challenge: a personal challenge to improve healthy living
  • Monthly Step Goal Challenge: Each month a step goal challenge will be given
  • Know Your Numbers Campaign
  • Holiday Weight Maintenance Challenge


One of the Wellness Committee’s current goals is to provide monthly promotion of Preventive Care to reduce the development of chronic diseases, such as diabetes, and decrease health expenditures for the City and its employees. To assist with this goal, the SmartShopper program is a valuable resource that is promoted with payroll stuffers and email updates on a regular basis. 

Know your Numbers Campaign

Every year, the committee organizes a Know Your Numbers Campaign during May to offer employees a health assessment of their blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar levels and other biometric screenings and to make employees aware of possible health risks and where they may need to make improvements. All participants will receive a $25 Hannaford gift card for completing the physical screening.

Fore more information, please Contact the Wellness Committee.

Wellness Committee Members

  1. Maureen Cail- Finance
  2. Stephanie Ceccherini- Anthem (Co-Chair)
  3. Ann-Marie Curry - DPW
  4. Greg Duval – Info Systems (Co-Chair)
  5. Michelle Harrington - Human Resources
  6. Stacey Lazzar - Health
  7. Michelle Morin - Fire
  8. Anabel Moreno-Mendez - Mayor's Office
  9. Linda Moreno – Water Works
  10. Suzanne Sayward - Info Systems


Wellness News

Recovery Friendly Workplace Published: 08/14/2020 9:03 AM