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Employee Challenges

Employee Step Challenge

Starting in January of 2020 the City of Manchester Wellness Committee will be challenging employees to get stepping. Each month throughout the year a step goal will be given and employees are challenged to reach it or surpass it. If you reach the goal submit your total steps for the month using our online form or submit your tracking sheet to wellnesscommittee@manchesternh.gov. Just enter your daily steps and it will add your total steps for the month. 

Download Worksheet

Each month a $25 gift card will be raffled off to those who complete their step goals. At the end of the year if someone reaches all the step goals they will be entered in a raffle for a $100 gift card.

Winners will be randomly selected by the Human Resources Department on the 15th of the following month.

January: 10,000 steps
February: 20,000 steps
March: 30,000 steps
April: 40,000 steps
May: 50,000 steps
June: 75, 000 steps
July: 100,000 steps
August: 200,000 steps
September: 250,000 steps
October: 300,000 steps
November: 400,000 steps
December: 500,000 steps

Individual Employee Challenges

Starting in January 2020 we will be challenging employees to make small changes to improve your heath and wellness. These challenges will happen quartly througout the year. 

January 2020: Remove a Vice

Instructions: Choose one vice that challenges your wellness. Whatever it is, it should be challenging! For each day you are able to go without your vice, give your calendar a checkmark.

Goal: See how many days you can cut your vice completely this month. Can you make it a whole week? How about the whole month?


2020 Step Goal Challenge