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Meter Exchange

The Manchester Water Works (MWW) is responsible for approximately 29,250 water meters in an area that includes Manchester and sections of Auburn, Bedford, Goffstown, Hooksett and Londonderry.

The Public Utilities Commission requires that water utilities periodically test meters for accuracy. The testing frequency can range from once a year to once every ten years, depending upon the size of the meter.Meter Exchange Program  There are approximately 26,500 residential meters that fall into the 5/8" to 3/4" size range and which require testing once every ten years.

The first step in the testing and exchange process is to notify homeowners by mail that their meter needs to be changed along with a request for the owner to call the MWW to schedule an appointment. This appointment is necessary so that our meter installation personnel can gain access to the basement of your property and exchange the existing meter with a new or rebuilt meter. The old meter is returned to our meter shop where a repairman tests the meter's accuracy over a range of flows. If necessary, the meter is recalibrated or repaired prior to installation at another location.

The exchange and testing is completed at no cost to the homeowner, and usually requires less than an hour of your time. The important thing is to remember to contact the meter department at the phone number shown below and arrange for an appointment at a time convenient to you. This is a mandatory program that requires all meters to be tested for accuracy at regular intervals.

In order to protect your security, please note that our employees have clearly identified Water Work's vehicles and uniforms, and carry photo identification cards. They are courteous and willing to answer any questions you might have. Your cooperation with this important program is appreciated.

Water Works Meter Department Phone (603) 624-6494 ext. 2813

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