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Delinquent Waste Water

Waste Water Billing Process

The Tax Collector's Office is the collection Agency for the Delinquent Waste Water Accounts. Once the accounts are transferred to the Tax Collector's Office for collection, the account must be paid here. If for some reason you have paid the amount to the Environmental Protection Division, their office will apply the payment towards the current wastewater bill that is due at the Environmental Protection Division. We receive a warrant list of delinquent accounts four times a year. Once the bills become three months past due, the Environmental Protection Division sends a warrant list to the Tax Collector's Office. Per RSA 149-I:11 Liens and Collection of Sewer Charges and RSA 38.22 Liens and Collection of Charges. The Board of Mayor and Alderman then approve the warrant list. Once approved, we send a new delinquent notice to the customer showing all the delinquent wastewater bills including twelve per cent interest, (RSA 76:13) the bills also show your lien amount if your account has gone to lien, including eighteen per cent interest, and cost amounts. These bills are due in Tax Collector's Office.

If you are looking for information on your account please see the account information page.

Click here for current billing information with the Environmental Protection Division.


Waste Water Liens

Around the end of July, or middle of August, we start the lien process for the delinquent wastewater accounts. A notice of impending lien, including all interest and cost charges, is mailed by certified mail to the last known owner of the property. We do this at least thirty days prior to the execution of the lien. The returned receipt or unclaimed notice serves as evidence that our office did in fact mail the notice of impending lien and we have met all requirements of the law. The cost of the certified mailing is added to the delinquent amount. If your wastewater account still remains unpaid after the due date given on the notice of impending lien, The Tax Collector's Office places a lien on the property. At this time all tax, interest, and cost amounts are transferred to lien status along with the cost of the lien execution, then eighteen per cent interest starts accruing on the unpaid balance, until the lien is paid in full. A title search is done and a notice is sent to each lien holder with an interest in the property. At that time, $10.00 plus any expenses will be added to the cost of notifying mortgagees.

Taxpayers should also be aware that if the City places a lien on their property, it becomes part of their credit report and remains there for seven years after it is paid.

As stated in RSA 149-I-11 Liens and Collection of Sewer Charges the Tax Collectors Office follows the same procedures in conjunction with Real Estate Laws.


Waste Water Deeds

After two years from the execution of the Wastewater lien, the Tax Collector shall deed the property to the City. At least thirty day prior to deeding, another title search is completed and a notice of impending deed is sent to the current owner and all mortgagees with an interest in the property. Once the property is deeded, you, as well as anyone holding a mortgage, lose all interest in the property. Once the City has deeded the property, it has the authority to sell the property at public auction.


Information On Delinquent Accounts

If you are calling for delinquent taxes on the refinance or sale of property, please keep in mind you also need to contact both the Environmental Protection Division and also the Water Works Department for current amounts and final meter readings as well as the Tax Collector's Office for any delinquent amounts. Please make sure when sending payment to make separate checks for each department.  Do not combine payments.


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