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Recycling Collection

The City collects recyclables along public streets throughout Manchester.  The curbside program is single stream: all items can be placed together in your blue recycling cart!  Collection is weekly in most areas, with more frequent pickups downtown.

Why Recycle?

Recycling minimizes the need for landfill space, conserves natural resources, and reduces the air pollution and energy usage associated with mining of raw materials.

Rules and Limitations

The rules for municipal collection of curbside recyclables are designed to maximize both the diversion of recyclable materials and the efficiency with which they are collected.


Currently, to be eligible for municipal curbside recycling service, your residence or place of business must both have an address on a public street AND be utilizing municipal curbside trash service.  (Not eligible? Use the Drop Off Facility.)

Correct Placement

Throughout most of Manchester, recyclables are collected using an automated process.  To receive service, you must:

  • Place all your recyclables in a blue recycling cart acquired from the City
  • Place your recycling cart at the edge of the road, without blocking sidewalks, by 7 AM of your collection day
  • Make sure your cart is at least three feet from any obstruction, with the handles and wheels facing your home or business

Recyclable Items

The following items may be placed in your blue recycling cart:

  • container plastics #1 - 7, except Styrofoam and PVC
  • tin, steel and aluminum containers
  • glass bottles
  • paper and cardboard

Not sure if something is recyclable?  Consult What Goes Where to find out.

Mandatory Recycling Downtown

If your property is in the downtown collection zone, recycling is mandatory.  To determine if you fall within this zone, contact the Highway Division.

Recycling Carts

If your property is outside of the downtown collection zone, you may request a free recycling cart by signing up online .  If you already have a cart but consistently generate more recyclables than will fit, you may be eligible to upgrade to a larger cart or get an additional one.  Contact Highway for a determination. 

If your property is in the downtown collection zone, you receive service three days per week (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday) and you must purchase a recycling cart at the Drop Off Facility.

Drop Off Facility

Not eligible for curbside service?  Have more recycling this week than will fit in your cart?  The Drop Off Facility accepts all recyclables collected curbside.  Note that recycling at the facility is dual stream: paper/cardboard products must be separated from other materials.

Did You Know?

Downtown recyclables are picked up by Highway Division crews; all others are collected, via contract, by Pinard Waste Systems.  Combined, over 6,900 tons of recyclables were diverted from the waste stream in 2017.

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