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1880 City Tax Book

1880 Business Advertisement
1880 Business Advertisement

According to the 1880 Federal Census, 32, 630 individuals resided in the City of Manchester.  The Mayor was John L. Kelly, the City Clerk was Nathan P. Kidder and the City Treasurer was Henry R. Chamberlin.  There were eight Aldermen and twenty-four members of the Common Council, three from each ward.

On June 22, 1880, the State of New Hampshire made the request to George E. Morrill, Collector of Taxes for the City of Manchester, to collect taxes from the individuals and corporations listed in the Tax Collector's record for the year 1880. The 1880 Tax Book recorded adult male residents and female residents who held property or owned dogs so it is not a complete listing of everyone who lived within the city limits.

The tax book recorded the following information:

  • Name of the Individual
  • Description of Land and Buildings
  • Value of Land and Buildings
  • Money on hand, at interest or on deposit
  • Stock in Trade
  • Stock in Banks and other corporations
  • Horses, Asses and Mules over 18 months old
  • Cows, Oxen and other Neat Stock over 18 months old
  • Sheep over 6 months old and hogs
  • Carriages
  • Factories and Machinery
  • Male Dogs
  • Female Dogs

Many of the men were assessed a tax of $1.48.  They did not own property so it is assumed that the tax was the equivalent of a head tax. A notation in parentheses indicates that a note was added after the initial transciption of the tax listing. Some of the notations include "minor", "dead" or "moved".  There are also abbreviations regarding where an individual lived.  They include the following:

  • (A):   indicates Amoskeag Village which was located in West Manchester.  Skeag was also used as an abbreviation for Amoskeag Village.
  • (Squog): indicates Piscataquog Village which was also located in West Manchester.
  • (G. Falls):  refers to the Goffs Falls Village section of Manchester.

All the notes are verbatim transcriptions from the original, and there are no interpretative keys available to determine what these notes mean.

At the end of the volume are the totals for each category.  There were a total of 7,219 individuals and corporations that were taxed.  The value of the land and buildings was $10,323, 296.  The total of money on hand, at interest or on deposit was $1,088,720.  Individuals and corporations had $1,694,322 in Stock in Trade.  Bank and Corporate Stock totaled $359,700.  Within the city limits were 1702 horses, asses and mules.  Cows, oxen and other neat stock over 18 months old numbered 18,528.  There were 906 sheep.  Individuals and companies owned $52,784 worth of carriages.  Factories and machinery totaled $13,444,150.  Of the 641 canines in Manchester, 603 were male and 38 were female.

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Blocks and Public Buildings (descriptions from the 1880 Manchester City Directory)

  • Ayers Block:  766 Elm Street
  • Barr & Clapp Block:  354 Granite Street
  • Bartlett's Block:  Chestnut St., corner Laurel St.
  • Bell's Block:  Elm St., near Lowell St.
  • Blodgett & Clark's Block:  590 Elm St.
  • Blodgett & Hall's Block:  southwest corner of Pine and Laurel Streets and rear 569 Elm St.
  • Blodgett & Young's Block:  550 Elm St.
  • Bradford's Block:  Elm St. between Bridge and Pearl Streets
  • Bridge St Block:  Bridge St. near Chestnut St.
  • Brown's Block:  712 Elm St., opposite Merrimack Square
  • Brown's Block:  northwest corner of Pine and Laurel Streets
  • Brown's Block:  57, 59 and 61 Hanover St.
  • Burgess' Block:  Elm St. corner Pearl St.
  • Cedar St. Block:  Cedar St. between Elm and Franklin Streets
  • Central Block:  Elm St. between Stark and Mechanic Streets
  • Chestnut St. Block:  172 to 180 Chestnut Street
  • Cilley's Block:  Elm St. corner Concord St.
  • Clark's Block:  19 Orange Street
  • Clough's Block:  24 Manchester Street
  • Colley's Block:  63 to 73 Hanover Street
  • Connor's Block:  Elm St corner Park St.
  • Corcoran's Block:  Central St. corner Pine St.
  • Corchran's Block:  Chestnut St. between Park and Spruce Streets
  • Crosby's Block:  southwest corner of Elm and Merrimack Streets
  • Dealy's Block:  71, 73 & 75 Merrimack Street
  • Dorr's Block:  rear 20 Pearl
  • Duncklee's New Block:  989 to 997 Elm Street
  • Dunlap Block:  Elm St. corner Amherst St.
  • Eastman's Block:  307 Main St. corner Clinton St. (Piscataquog)
  • Elliot & Means' Block:  1096 Elm Street
  • Elliot & Young's Block:  88 to 106 Pearl Street
  • Engine Block:  6 to 30 Vine Street
  • Faneuil Hall Building:  Elm St corner Pleasant St.
  • Ferren's Building:  864 Elm St.
  • Fogg's Block:  59 to 63 Pearl Street
  • Forsaith's Buildings:  Auburn and Franklin Streets, near freight depot
  • Fremont Block:  Manchester St corner Union St.
  • Globe Block:  17 to 27 Hanover Street
  • Gooden's Block:  Central St opposite the square near Elm Street
  • Granite Block:  801 Elm St. near Merrimack St.
  • Haynes Block:  Chestnut corner Bridge St.
  • Hermann's Block:  Central St. near Elm St.
  • Huse Block:  365 to 377 Chestnut Street
  • James Block:  Methodist Court
  • Johnson's Block:  Elm St near Bridge St.
  • Johnson's Block:  43-57 Hanover Street
  • Johnson's Block:  Franklin St. near Granite St.
  • Johnson's Block:  Main St. near Granite St. (Piscataquog)
  • Joy's Block:  187 Manchester
  • Kennard's Block:  Elm St. near Washington St.
  • Kidder Block:  rear 1110 Elm St between Bridge St and Spring St
  • Kimball Block:  Elm St. between Pearl St. and Bridge St.
  • Knowles' Block:  Chestnut St corner Merrimack St.
  • Knowles' Block:  49 to 57 Pearl St. between Elm St. and Chestnut St.
  • Lincoln's Block:  1237 Elm St.
  • Machine Shop Block:  Canal St. between Water and Spring Streets
  • Mack's Block:  513, 517 Chestnut Street
  • Martin's Block:  Elm St. corner Lowell St.
  • Masonic Temple:  27 to 43 Hanover Street
  • Mercantile Block:  1011 to 1023 Elm Street
  • Merchant's Exchange:  837 to 871 Elm Street
  • Merrimack Block:  788 Elm St.
  • Methodist Church Block:  Elm St. opposite Manchester St.
  • Monument Block:  Central St. opposite the square
  • Morrison's Block:  Birch Street
  • Moulton's Block:  42 Pearl St
  • Museum Building:  742 Elm St., between Merrimack and Pleasant Streets
  • Music Hall Building:  999 to 1013 Elm Street
  • Myrtle Block:  Elm St. corner Myrtle St.
  • Odd Fellows Block:  73 to 93 Hanover St.
  • Park St. Block:  168 Park St between Pine and Union Streets
  • Parsons & Ricker's Block:  Elm St. between Prospect and Harrison Streets
  • Patten's Block:  922 to 938 Elm St. between Stark and Market Streets
  • Pearl St. Block:  45 Pearl St. corner Pearl Avenue
  • Pickering Block:  903 to 911 Elm Street
  • Post Office Block:  54 to 72 Hanover Street
  • Prout's Block:  696 Elm St corner Central St.
  • Quimby's Block:  877 Elm Street
  • Riddle's Building:  885 Elm St. corner Hanover St.
  • Ryan's Block:  Park St. near Chestnut St.
  • Sanborn's Block: Elm St. corner Bridge St.
  • Sargent's Block:  30 Manchester
  • Saxon Block:  Elm St. corner Spruce St.
  • Smyth & Maynard's Block:  1224 Elm Street
  • Smyth's Block:  1022 to 1048 Elm St. between Water and Spring Streets
  • Spruce St. Block:  Spruce St. near Elm St.
  • Stark Block:  Elm St. between Water and Mechanic Streets
  • Story's Block:  Elm St. opposite City Hotel
  • Straw Block:  Elm St. corner Manchester St.
  • Sweeney's Block:  Chestnut St. corner Central St.
  • Tolman's Block:  470 Granite Street (Piscataquog)
  • Towne's Block:  947 Elm St. to corner of Amherst St.
  • Union Block:  22 Concord Street
  • Union Building:  898 Elm St. between Market and Merrimack Streets
  • "Union" Office Building:  15 Manchester St., near Elm St.
  • Washington Block:  from 50 Pearl Street
  • Webster Block:  1282 Elm Street
  • Weeks' Block:  935 to 943 Elm Street
  • Wells' Block:  1054 Elm St. corner Spring St.
  • Weston's Block:  Birch St. corner Bridge St.
  • Whitford's Block:  Spruce St. corner Pine St.
  • Wiggin's Block:  Pine St. corner Park St.
  • Young's Block:  Elm St. corner Washington St.

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