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2019 Departmental Expenditures

Accounts payable expenditures by vendor totaling $10,000 and above for fiscal year 2019.

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Department NameDescriptionVendorVendor NumberAmount
Fleet ManagementCFM - Inventory Hold ExpenseATLANTIC BROOM SERVICE, INC.000000215$13,946.00
Fleet ManagementCFM - Inventory Hold ExpenseBOOTH WALTZ ENTERPRISES INC.000038702$23,795.46
Fleet ManagementCFM - Inventory Hold ExpenseJOHN & SONS TIRE SERVICE LLC.000036658$12,683.57
Fleet ManagementCFM - Inventory Hold ExpenseLIBERTY INTERNATIONAL TRUCKS000028250$15,711.96
Fleet ManagementCFM - Inventory Hold ExpenseMCNEILUS TRUCK & MANUFACTURING000027923$22,433.63
Fleet ManagementCFM - Inventory Hold ExpensePETES TIRE BARNS INC000031148$26,525.20
Fleet ManagementCFM - Inventory Hold ExpenseSANEL AUTO PARTS INC000002727$29,049.65
Fleet ManagementCIP - EquipmentASSETWORKS, LLC000040169$76,539.03
Fleet ManagementElectricityEVERSOURCE000002546$137,820.01
Fleet ManagementFuel InventoryGLOBAL MONTELLO GROUP CORP000030785$330,026.01
Fleet ManagementInventoryAUTOFAIR FORD INC000000234$19,436.89
Fleet ManagementInventoryHOWARD P. FAIRFIELD, INC.000001026$12,922.14
Fleet ManagementInventoryMILTON CAT000002850$13,045.87
Fleet ManagementInventoryO'REILLY AUTO PARTS000039356$13,367.07
Fleet ManagementMaintenance & Repairs/Real PropertyBLACK & DECKER (US) INC000040587$28,963.50
Fleet ManagementSnow chainsBB CHAIN, INC000000286$40,700.00
Fleet ManagementTires & BatteriesJOHN & SONS TIRE SERVICE LLC.000036658$10,771.25
Fleet ManagementTires & BatteriesPETES TIRE BARNS INC000031148$16,376.14
Fleet ManagementVehicle Repairs/PartsBANK OF AMERICA000039427$17,259.48
Fleet ManagementVehicle Repairs/PartsGREENWOOD FIRE APPARATUS INC000001299$27,085.77
Fleet ManagementVehicle Repairs/PartsJACK OF ALL BLADES000040420$11,490.20
Fleet ManagementVehicle Repairs/PartsLIBERTY INTERNATIONAL TRUCKS000028250$38,235.42
Fleet ManagementVehicle Repairs/PartsSANEL AUTO PARTS INC000002727$28,154.82
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