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Capt. Todd Boucher  

Contact via phone at 603-792-5433 or email at

Captain Boucher has served as a law-enforcement professional since 1991, joining the Manchester Police Department in 1995.  During his tenure with MPD, he as served as a patrolman, with assignment to the Mounted Unit from 2002-2006, until he attained the rank of sergeant. 

Following his promotion to sergeant, he served as a Street Patrol Supervisor and had assignment as supervisor of "Operation Safe City," a collaborative effort with the NH State Police targeting gangs and street crimes.  After attaining the rank of lieutenant in 2013, he was assigned as a Patrol Shift Supervisor.  In 2015, upon promotion to captain, he was assigned as Commander of the Community Policing Division.

Captain Boucher was awarded the department's Life Saving Medal in recognizing his actions of administering CPR to an unconscious subject until EMTs arrived.  Capt Boucher hold an Associate Degree in Criminal Justice, and over the course of his career has earned certification in a number of specialized training programs.

Lt. Brian O’Keefe
Contact via phone at 603-792-5430 or email at

Lieutenant O’Keefe has been serving the Citizens of Manchester since 1996 as a Lieutenant O'Keefepolice officer and as a mentor to our youth. He has been an active board member and volunteer with the Manchester Police Athletic League and opened the current home of MPAL/Officer Michael Briggs Community Center in 2004. He served as the inaugural Police Athletic League Coordinator from 2004-2009, until he attained the rank of sergeant.

Following his promotion to sergeant, he served in the patrol division for four years. He was reassigned to the Community Policing Division in 2013 in a supervisory capacity and the acting Public Information Officer. He was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant in 2015 and will remain in the Community Policing Division where he will serve as the department’s Public Information Officer (PIO).

Lieutenant O’Keefe is the current Executive Director for police athletic league board of directors. He spent three years as a trustee on the National Police Athletic/Activities League board of directors and is a past recipient (2012) of the Good Samaritan Award for his role in educating our youth. Lt. O’Keefe holds a Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice Administration from Western New England College and earned his Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Massachusetts at Lowell.

Sergeant Michael Biron
Contact via phone at 603-792-5429 or email at

Sergeant Michael Biron has been a Police Officer in the state of New Hampshire for 22 years. Sergeant Biron has been a member of the Manchester Police Department for 19 ½ years. During his tenure with the department, he has served in several capacities as a patrol officer. In 1999 he was assigned to the Juvenile Division as a Detective within the Child Abuse and Sexual Exploitation Unit. In 2007, Sergeant Biron was assigned to the Training Division as the departments Training Officer and Background Investigator until his promotion in 2009 to the rank of Sergeant.

As a Sergeant, he has supervised the Training Division, Patrol Division and currently the Community Policing Division. Sergeant Biron has also been a member/supervisor of the department’s Honor Guard Unit for the past 16 1/2 years. During his career, Sergeant Biron also served as a member of the department’s SWAT Team for 15 years as Entry/Team Medic.

Sergeant Biron has been a past board member for the Makin’ It Happen Youth Coalition, Manchester Health Department Public Health Advisory Council, City of Manchester Emergency Operations Center and Disaster Planning and Department of Homeland Security Emergency Planning Evaluator. Sergeant Biron holds an Associate Degree in Respiratory Therapy, Bachelors Degree in Criminal Justice and he is a graduate of both the New England EMS Institute and New Hampshire Bureau of Education (Franklin Pierce College) Certified Public Supervisor.

Area A: West Side
West of the Merrimack River to the Piscataquog River, north to Bremer and the Bridge St. Bridge. (and all areas west).
Officer BattistelliOfficer Tony Battistelli
Contact via phone 603-792-5436 or email
Officer Battistelli has been serving with the Manchester Police Department since 1999. Prior to his assignment to the Community Policing Division in 2007, he was assigned to the Patrol Division. Much of that time in Patrol he worked his neighborhood on mountain bike. Before joining the Department, Officer Battistelli patrolled New Hampshire’s coastline as a member of the NH Marine Patrol. Tony served in the Marine Corps before entering law enforcement.

Officer KaroulOfficer Brian Karoul
Contact via phone 603-792-5700 or email at

Officer Brian Karoul has been serving with the Manchester Police Department since 2007, having previously worked as a police officer for six years with the Phoenix Police Department. Officer Karoul is a graduate of UMASS Boston where he received a Bachelors degree in Criminal Justice. Officer Karoul is a state certified field training officer and had previously worked in the patrol division assigned to the west side for the last five years. Officer Karoul is a past recipient of the Officer of the Year Award for 2010.

Area B: Downtown
Downtown: Merrimack River easterly to Chestnut, Bridge St. to Valley St. to the south; including area adjacent the ball park.
Officer Rondeau

Officer Paul Rondeau
Contact via phone 603-792-5432 or email

Officer Rondeau began his career with the Manchester Police Department in 2000 and worked several years in the Patrol Division. From there he joined the Community Policing Division and served as the Crime Prevention Officer. In this role he focused on educating the public regarding all aspects of safety. From school programs for students, to women's safety clinics and bank robbery seminars,  Officer Rondeau spread the message of safety and security throughout Manchester.  In 2015 Officer Rondeau changed assignments within the Community Policing Division and became a member of the Mounted Unit. To prepare for this role Officer Rondeau attended training in Canada with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and the Massachusetts State Police Mounted Unit.  Additionally he is the police liaison for Manchester Crimeline and Certified Defensive Driving instructor for the NH Police Academy. Officer Rondeau is assigned to the downtown area where he and Officer Gillis frequently patrol on horseback. 

Officer GillisOfficer Fred Gillis
Contact via phone 603-792-5679 or email
Officer Gillis has been serving with the Manchester Police Department since 2005. The Massachusetts native attended the University of New Hampshire where he majored in Sociology with a minor in Business Administration. Prior to joining the Community Policing Division, Fred was assigned to the Patrol Division and spent the majority of his time as a mountain bike officer. Fred is a certified Field Training Officer, and member on the Manchester SWAT Team.

Area C: North End
Prospect St. to Merrimack St., Chestnut to Belmont. Also includes the blocks between Bridge and Prospect from Chestnut St. to Canal St. (and all areas north).


Area D: Center City
Merrimack St. to Valley St., Chestnut St. and Willow St. easterly to Belmont St. (and all areas east).

Officer Justin Maguire
Contact via phone 603-792-5715 or email

Officer Maguire has been serving with the Manchester Police Department since 2005. He spent his entire career in patrol, mainly on the Westside of the city, before be reassigned to the community policing division in August of 2015. He is state certified with the motorcycle unit and has completed several other schools in his time with the department. Officer Maguire has also received a Life Saving Medal during his time in patrol. Prior to joining the Manchester Police Department, Officer Maguire was in the construction trade where he remodeled and built new homes for approximately 9 years. 

Area E: South End
Valley St. to Shasta, Elm St. to Belmont St. It also covers areas to Queen City Ave. from Union St. to Elm. (and all areas south).

Officer SeigleOfficer Casey Seigle
Contact via phone 603-792-5754 or email

Casey Seigle has been serving with the Manchester Police Department in July of 2007. Officer Seigle graduated from Franklin Pierce University with a Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice and a minor in Psychology. He spent seven years in the Patrol Division assigned to many areas of the city. Officer Seigle was part of the Crisis Intervention Team, and also served as a Field Training Officer responsible for training new recruits. During his off time, Officer Seigle volunteers as a youth rugby coach at YDC and MPAL. This opportunity allowed Officer Seigle to coach several kids that responded really well to the program. He attended several criminal interdiction courses and recently received training in Physical Security and Threat Assessments.

MHA West
Rimmon Heights and MHA properties ‘west’
Officer DevereauxOfficer Ed Devereaux
Contact via phone 603-792-5647 or email
Officer Devereaux has been serving with the Manchester Police Department since 2000. Ed had been assigned to the Patrol Division before joining Community Policing. He has also been assigned to the Street Crime Unit. Ed is a State certified Field Training Officer and graduate of Suffolk University. Prior to joining the Manchester Police Department, Officer Devereaux gained eight years of experience as a Correction Officer for the Massachusetts Department of Corrections. He is a Marine Corps veteran and served in Operation Desert Storm.
MHA East
South Elm St. and MHA properties ‘east’

Officer Steven Duquette
Contact via phone 603-792-5656 or email

Officer Duquette has been serving with the Manchester Police Department since 2007. He is a graduate of the New Hampshire Technical Institute class of 2004 obtaining an Associate’s Degree in Computer Science. He had been assigned to the Patrol Division before joining Community Policing in 2015. He is a state certified Field Training Officer and a state certified Pistol/Rifle instructor. Prior to Joining the Manchester Police Department, Officer Duquette worked for the Concord NH Police department in their Patrol Division. Officer Duquette served in the Marine Corps before entering Law Enforcement.

Police Athletic Leauge
Police Athletic League is located at 411 Beech St.

Officer LevasseurOfficer John Levasseur
Contact via phone 603-792-5708 or email

Officer Levasseur is the Manchester Police Athletic League Coordinator and a member of the MPAL Board of Directors. Officer Levasseur is the boxing coach and is responsible for managing the MPAL/Michael Briggs Community Center. The Manchester Police Athletic League offers a number of after school programs. The programs at MPAL are always expanding but currently offer Boxing, Judo, Aikido, wrestling and Lacrosse.

Weed n' Seed and Senior Services
Officer AmpujaOfficer Mark Ampuja
Contact via phone 603-792-5431 or email
Officer Mark Ampuja has been serving with the Manchester Police Department since 1998. Mark is assigned to a center city area known as the Neighborhood Revitalization Strategic Area. His responsibilities include senior services and co-director of the Citizens Police Academy. He serves on the National Night Out Planning Committee, Weed and Seed Anti-Crime Strategy Steering Committee, Safe Routes to School Program, and the Elders Wrap and Seniors Count Committees.
Crime Prevention Officer
Officer LinstadOfficer Nate Linstad
Contact via phone 603-792-5437 or email

Officer Linstad has been serving with the Manchester Police Department since 2001. He is a graduate of UMASS Lowell majoring in Criminal Justice and Legal Studies. Prior to being assigned to the Community Policing Division in 2007, Nate worked primarily as a mountain bike officer in the Patrol Division. Officer Linstad has been involved with the Valley Street Cemetery restoration effort and is a member of SWAT.

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