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(Prepared for the City of Manchester by Tom Delacey of WBS)

Due to firewall restrictions & network security measures, some employees may not be able to view the  H S A video through the City of Manchester network. You should be able to view it from your home computer,  personal laptop or smart phone.

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Employee Benefits Announcements

Important Update Regarding Anthem Cyber Attack

Published: 02/05/2015

Anthem wants to keep you informed about their actions in response to the cyber-attack. If you have given Anthem your email address, you will soon receive an email about identity protection and credit monitoring services. Anthem is required to send this email due to state laws around breach notifications. The subject line of the email will be "Important Message From Anthem, Inc." and it will direct you to visit to sign up for credit protection services. The email will not ask for personal information. We encourage you to read the email and visit to sign up for the services provided by Anthem.

Effective 2 p.m.. on February 13, 2015 current and former Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield members can visit to learn more about credit monitoring and identity theft repair services provided by AllClear ID. All services are available for 2 years.

Anthem has a dedicated web site,, where members can access information, and a dedicated toll free number 1-877-263-7995 for any current or former members who may have questions.

Updates Alerts and Information regarding the Anthem Cyber Attack

Attorney General Joseph A. Foster Announcement (2/19/2015)

Letter to Members From City of Manchester (2/13/15)
This letter instructs current and former Anthem members on how to enroll in Credit Protection Services offered by Anthem.

Letter to Members From Anthem (2/13/15)
This letter is an update from Anthem regarding the cyber attack. It includes valuable web sites addresses and telephone numbers from the FTC and the nationwide credit bureaus about fraud alerts and security freezes.

Credit Protection FAQ (2/13/15)

Protection Services Offer from Anthem (2/11/15)

Media Alert  (2/11/15)

Credit Report & Fraud Alerts (2/10/15)

Protect Yourself from Scams (2/6/25)

Letter from Joseph R. Swedish President & CEO of Anthem Inc. (2/5/15)

FAQ's for Employees (2/5/15)


Urgent Care Facilities and Walk-in Clinics can save you hundreds of dollars!

Published: 11/14/2014

Health care costs are expensive enough, but there are ways you can pro-actively decrease your out of pocket costs! One way is of course to use the City's Compass Program, another way is to use Urgent Care Facilities and Walk-in clinics rather than going to the emergency room for non-life threatening injuries or illnesses. This could save you hundreds of dollars if you are on the High Deductible Health plan with HSA; and if your on the HMO or POS plans, you will pay significantly less than the emergency room co-pay! Plus, your waiting time will be much less at these facilities.

The New Hampshire Walk-in Centers, Urgent Care Center, Retail Health Clinics brochure shows you where the Urgent Care and Walk in Clinics are located in New Hampshire!

Introducing Delta Dental Mobile App

Published: 08/01/2014

Northeast Delta Dental Mobile App Brochure

If you have Delta Denal with the City of Manchester, you can now access your dental benefits anywhere, anytime with the new Northeast Delta Dental Mobile App!

YOu can use the app to get access to the provider directory without having to sign into your Delta Dental Account. However, if you want to have access to your own dental information, you will need to register with Delta Dental on line.

To register with Delta Dental on-line, simply go to and under "Patients" click on the "Log in" tab and there you can create a new account to begin your registration process.

Once you are registered, you can use that same user name and password to sign into the Delta Dental mobile app! You will then be able to access your dental information, including your Delta Dental ID card!

New Health Insurance Marketplace Coverage Options & Your Health Coverage

Published: 09/12/2013

The City of Manchester is providing this Notice as required by federal law. We cannot provide you with additional information about it's contents nor can we provide you with assistance in evaluating your options for exchange coverage.

You can find more information at or for Spanish.

You can also obtain information by calling (800) 318-2596.

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