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The Manchester City Directory for 1869

Front page of 1869 city directoryThe Manchester City Directory for 1869 is a transcription from an original copy. The entries have been abbreviated due space considerations. After the name of a street, the word "street" has been omitted. Please note that not every family member is listed in the directory - only those individuals who were adult males, employed, widowed or who owned property.


  • Amoskeag Village: Located across the Merrimack River, via the Falls Bridge. Originally, it was part of Goffstown until the area was annexed by the City of Manchester in 1853.
  • Bakersville: South end of Elm Street. Named after the Baker family whose farm was located there.
  • Bald-Hill Road: From Mammoth Road, easterly to Auburn, NH
  • Cemetery: Refers to the Valley Cemetery, bounded by Auburn, Pine, Valley and Willow Streets.
  • Corporation Housing: This refers to housing constructed by manufacturing companies such as Amoskeag, Stark, Manchester and Manchester Print Works for their workers. The brick buildings were built near the manufacturing facilities which were located along banks of the Merrimack River.
  • Elm Street: The primary business street running north and south
  • Goffs Falls: Located in south Manchester, north of Litchfield, NH
  • Hallsville: In the southeastern part of Manchester on Candia Road and the vicinity. Named after Joseph B. Hall.
  • Janesville: Between Bridge and Lowell Streets and Nashua and Wilson Streets. It was originally called the Village of Janesville.
  • Manchester Centre: This refers to the original town center located on Mammoth Road. It was the site of the first meeting house and early town meetings.
  • Moore's Village: Extreme south part of the city, near Goff's Falls
  • Piscataquog: Across the Merrimac River, now West Manchester. Originally, this section was part of Bedford, NH and was annexed by the City of Manchester in 1853.
  • Towlesville: Between Hanover Street and Lowell Street and Wilson Road and Maple Street.
  • Youngsville: Located at the junction of Hanover Street and Candia Road and extending to the Auburn, NH line.

1879 Map of Manchester
1879 Map of Manchester


High School:
  • Established in 1846 and located on Lowell Street, corner Beech Street. William W. Colburn, prinicipal. C. Augusta Gile and Mary E. Clough, assistants.
Grammar Schools:
  • South Grammar School: Franklin Street, Isaac L. Heath, principal. Lucretia E. Manahan, Hannah A. Slade and Rebecca B. Gove, assistants
  • North Grammar School: Spring Street, Frank W. Parker, principal. Emma A.H. Brown, Betsey A. Ambrose and Martha B. Dinsmoor, assistants
  • East Grammar School: High-School Building, Julia A. Baker, principal. Mattie R. Kidder, assistant
  • Park-Street Grammar School: Park Street, Thomas Corcoran, principal
Intermediate School:
  • Established in 1851 and located on Manchester Street. Samuel W. Clark, principal. Miss Fannie M. Smith, assistant.
Middle Schools:
  • No. 1: Blodgett Street, Sarah J. Green, teacher
  • No. 2: Concord Street, corner Beech Sreet, Mary L. Sleeper, teacher
  • No. 3: Merrimack Street, corner Union Street, Nancy S. Bunton, teacher
  • No. 4: Merrimack Street, corner Union Street, Mary J. Fife, teacher
  • No. 5: Franklin Street, Lottie R. Adams, teacher
  • No. 6: Spring Street, Nellie Sanderson
  • No. 7: Spring Street, Lizzie P. Gove, teacher
  • No. 12: Franklin Street, C. Augusta Abbott, teacher
  • No. 13: Wilson's Hill, Hattie L. Jones, teacher
Primary Schools:
  • No. 1: Lowell St., corner Chestnut, Mary E. Ireland, teacher
  • No. 2: Lowell St., Towlesville, Emily J. Parker, teacher
  • No. 3: Bridge St., corner Union St., Georgianna Dow, teacher
  • No. 4: Concord St., corner Beech St., Anstrice G. Flanders, teacher
  • No. 5: Merrimack St., corner Union St., Addie L. Hutchinson, teacher
  • No. 6: Merrimack St., corner Union St., Julia A. Clay, teacher
  • No. 7: Franklin St., Carrie Reed, teacher
  • No. 8: Franklin St., Marianna Clough, teacher
  • No. 9: Spring St., Adelaide B. Gove, teacher
  • No. 10: Spring St., Mary A. Richardson, teacher
  • No. 11: Manchester St., Helen M. Morrill, teacher
  • No. 12: Manchester St., Aramenta C. Edgerly, teacher
  • No. 13: Wilson Hill, Abbie E. Abbott, teacher
  • No. 14: Chestnut St., Emma A. McCoy, teacher
  • No. 21: Helen M. Hills
Rural Schools:
  • No. 1: North part of the city, Hooksett Road, M. Theora Flanders, teacher
  • No. 3: Bakersville and vicinity, Katie L. Porter, teacher
  • No. 4: Goff's Falls and vicinity, Etta M. George, teacher
  • No. 5: Southern portion of the city, east of District No. 4, Mattie S. Miller, teacher
  • No. 6: Webster's Mill neighborhood, Mary J. Reid, teacher
  • No. 7: Hallsville and vicinity, Maria H. Hildreth and Mary B. Lane, teacher
  • No. 8: Candia Road, near Massabesic, Anna S. Osgood, teacher
  • No. 9: Eastern part of the city on the Londonderry Road, Lana S. George, teacher
  • Grammar School: Annette McDoel, teacher and Mary A. Parker, assistant
  • South School: Laura J. Hamblett, teacher
  • East Primary: Sarah G. Lord, teacher
  • West Primary: Hattie A. Mack, teacher
  • Amoskeag Grammar: L.H. Dutton, teacher
  • Amoskeag Primary: Fannie E. Porter, teacher
  • Academy of Mount St. Mary's of Manchester, corner Union and Laurel Streets


  • First Methodist Episcopal Society, Manchester Centre: James Dean, Pastor
  • St. Paul's Methodist Episcopal Society, Chapel of brick, Elm Street: D.C. Babcock, pastor
  • Universalist Society, brick house on Lowell Street: S.L. Roripaugh, pastor
  • First Congregational Society, Hanover Street: Cyrus W. Wallace, pastor
  • First Baptist Society, brick house on Manchester Street: Norman C. Mallory, pastor
  • First Free-Will Baptist Society, Elm Street, corner Pleasant: J.A. Knowles, pastor
  • Pine-Street Free-Will Baptist Church: N. Brooks, pastor
  • Unitarian Society, Merrimack Street, corner of Chestnut: A.M. Haskell, pastor
  • Grace Church Episcopal, Lowell Street, corner Pine Street: William J. Harris, rector
  • Franklin Street Church, brick house on Franklin Street: William J. Tucker, pastor
  • Merrimack Street Baptist Church, Merrimack Street
  • Elm Street Universalist Church, Elm Street between Concord and Amherst: B.M. Tillotson, pastor
  • St. Ann's Catholic Church, Union Street, corner Merrimack Street: William McDonald and John O'Brien, priests
  • Free Church, house erected by City Missionary Society in 1850: T.P. Sawin, pastor
  • Presbyterian Church, Main Street, Piscataquog

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