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Parks Recreation and Cemetery Division

Parks, Recreation & Cemetery Division personnel:

► Maintain over 1,400 acres of municipal property—

► Oversee operations at facilities generating $2.5m in municipal revenue—

► Provide recreational programs and activities for thousands of residents
► Manage millions of dollars in Community Improvement Program projects



We create and manage spaces and programs that promote physical and mental health through exercise, relaxation, the arts, community events, connection to nature, and rememberance.


We envision an interconnected system of parks, trails, memorials, facilities and programs that promote healthy individuals and communities through:

  • Four seasons of diverse and inclusive recreational activities

  • Opportunities to access and enjoy Manchester’s natural amenities

  • Celebrations of life, art, history, culture and place

  • Safe and attentive management of grounds, buildings and programs

ValuesManchester Spirit logo

We share the core values of the City of Manchester and strive to: 

  • Provide exceptional SERVICE.  Be responsive, transparent, and efficient. 

  • Work with PRIDE.  Act professionally.  Apply best practices.  Continually improve.

  • Demonstrate INTEGRITY.  Be honest, trustworthy, and accountable.

  • Show RESPECT.  Treat everyone with dignity.  Embrace diversity.  Listen.

  • Take INITIATIVE.  Explore ideas.  Be resourceful.  Act.

  • Promote TEAMWORK.  Collaborate and build trust – among colleagues, across departments, with the public.


Parks, Recreation & Cemetery is one of four divisions comprising the Department of Public Works

The Division employs:

  • 43 full-time staff

  • 100+ seasonal employees for limited durations*

*Seasonal employees are hired throughout the course of the year to assist with designated operations, such as aquatics, public ice skating, youth recreation programs, special events, and grounds maintenance.

Parks, Recreation & Cemetery Commission

The Commission meets monthly in its role as an advisory board to the Division.  Members are nominated by the Mayor and approved by the Board of Mayor and Aldermen.

The Commission typically meets the third Wednesday of the month at the Department of Public Works, 475 Valley Street.



Parks & Recreation Ordinances

Cemetery Ordinances


Contact Information

City of Manchester
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Parks, Recreation and Cemeteries Division

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Manchester, NH 03103

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