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The public and private businesses are the City’s greatest ally in the shared goal of creating and maintaining a beautiful, clean, prosperous, and orderly City for all to enjoy.  This is a quick cheat sheet instructing the public and private business who to contact depending upon the situation.

Trash, Rubbish and Refuse

If you see trash, rubbish, and refuse including discarded furniture, please call the Department of Public Works at (603) 624-6444 or connect via Manchester, NH Connect available at the City of Manchester website.

Crime or Suspected Criminal Activity – Non-Emergency

If you see a person committing a crime or you think a person is committing a crime and it is not an emergency, please contact the Manchester Police Department via the business line at (603) 668-8711

Criminal Activity or Suspected Criminal Activity – Emergency

If you see a person committing a crime or you think a person is committing a crime and it is an emergency, please call 911 immediately

Medical Waste – Needles

If you see medical waste or needles, please contact the Health Department at (603) 624-6466.

Park Issues – Non-criminal

If you see a problem with a city park, please call the Department of Public Works, Dept. of Parks, Recreation and Cemeteries at (603) 624-6444

Local Criminal Justice Information

9th Circuit Court – Manchester Dist. Div.3

5 Amherst Street                                
Manchester, NH 03101                                
1 (855) 212-1234                                
Jurisdiction: Misdemeanors, Violations, DVP                
Ordinances, Small Claims, Landlord Tenant, and            
Juvenile Offenses 

Pre-arraignment – Manchester Police 
(1st Court App)          (603) 668-8711

Post-arraignment – City Solicitor’s Office
(All other court dates) (603) 624-6523

Hillsborough County Superior Court – North

300 Chestnut Street                            
Manchester, NH 03101                            
1 (855) 212-1234
Jurisdiction: Felonies and associated misdemeanors, 
Misdemeanor Appeals

Hillsborough County Attorney’s Office
(603) 627-5605

If you do not call or report, the City will not be able to try to address the situation! We need your eyes and help to make Manchester Safe for all.

Please visit the City of Manchester's Website at for a full list of departments, phone numbers, email links, and the Manchester Connects App.


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