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Manchester Water Works 2017 Flushing Program Starts 5/28/2018!!!

Published: 05/21/2018 1:00 PM


            On Monday, May 28th, 2018, the Manchester Water Works will begin an estimated five-week long program to flush 500 miles of water mains within the Manchester Water Works’ water distribution system. 

The program will be conducted by Manchester Water Works’ employees between the hours of 10:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m., Sunday through Thursday, in order to minimize the inconvenience to customers.  Guy Chabot, Manchester Water Works Deputy Director, indicated that this is a biennial program to help improve water quality to our customers. 

The flushing program will generally progress starting at the Water Treatment Plant in east Manchester, westerly across the city and portions of the surrounding towns which Manchester Water Works serves.  Heavy commercial users will be notified by the Manchester Water Works prior to work being done in their immediate area.  Chabot asked that residential customers with special needs, such as in-house dialysis equipment, call the department to make their locations known so that they may also be notified in advance.

Customers may experience a slight discoloration of water during the flushing program due to the increased velocity of the water in the pipelines.  Chabot indicated that he regrets that the program may inconvenience some customers, but that it is a necessary part of the departments’ preventive maintenance program.  Customers experiencing prolonged or excessive discoloration are asked to call the department after allowing ten to fifteen minutes to flush their own service lines.

Any customers with questions regarding the program are also asked to contact the Manchester Water Works at 603-792-2807.

Manchester Water Works 2017 Water Quality Report

Published: 03/20/2018

Please take this opportunity to check out the 2017 Water Quality Report

Manchester Water Works Service Line Protection Plan

Published: 10/23/2014 2:00 PM

Manchester Water Works Introduces
Our Cost-Saving
Service Line Protection Plan

Did you know that you own the water service line from your property line into your home?  Many people are surprised when they learn that they own and are responsible for the repair and maintenance of the water service line from your property line into your home. We know you have received at least two solicitations this year alone proposing to protect you against expenses due to such a leak.

MWW is prepared to handle the leak in your water service.… including:  Expenses related to repair work  such as costs to shut off your water service; hiring a contractor to replace or repair your leaking water service line; patching your driveway and re-sodding your lawn and turning your service back on assuring a tight repair.

Leave it to us… Make just one call and have Manchester Water Works take care of it. Save yourself the inconvenience and potentially thousands of dollars in repairs by enrolling today in the Manchester Water Works Service Line Protection Plan!

Homeowner’s Insurance isn’t the answer…  Most homeowner insurance policies do not cover the cost of repairing or replacing water service lines and, even if it did, there’s typically a large deductible that must be paid first. Now, there is a simple way to avoid costly repairs to your water service line. Enroll in the Manchester Water Works Service Line Protection Plan and gain peace of mind knowing that if you suddenly have a leak, Manchester Water Works will take care of everything.

Guaranteed for an the introductory price of $75… Enroll in the Service Line Protection Plan and Manchester Water Works will take care of the repair and replacement of your leaking water service connection from the property line up to your shut off valve in the basement. If you have a leak from your water service, just call us, and we’ll handle it – for the low cost of just $75 annually. Our authorized service person will be dispatched to your home to take care of the problem.

Peace of Mind...  It’s easy to see why the Service Line Protection Plan is such a great value. Enroll Today! Enrolling in the Service Line Protection Plan is easy. You can pay the $75 annual fee by check, money order, or add it to your regular water bill. To enroll, call our customer service number at 1-603-624-6494 or on-line Enroll today, and you’ll never have to worry about expensive water line repairs again.

Eligibility… To be eligible for the Service Line Protection coverage, you must own or have a written legal responsibility and authority to provide maintenance for the water service line (and associated parts) to your residential dwelling (up to 2 unit multi-family). Customers on private lines are not eligible. The service line can be no greater than one (1) inch in diameter and must conform to the design standards of MWW’s Rules and Regulations. MWW reserves the right to deny plan coverage for any reason.

See Terms and Conditions

Sign Up Today for Service Line Protection! Call 1-603-624-6494

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