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Drinking Water Standards

Providing our customers with tap water that meets the highest standards for both water quality and safety are our primary goals at Manchester Water Works.

Determining tap water quality is a function of sound, reliable testing.  Our laboratory at the Water Treatment Plant is certified under the most stringent national standards to perform testing on drinking water. (National Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program - NELAP Certification)

Each week our lab performs over 500 individual tests on water being purified at our treatment facility in addition to checking on water collected from throughout our service area.  This testing is supplemented by periodic testing performed by both State run and Commercial laboratories to maintain full compliance with the Safe Drinking Water Act.  (SDWA)  Your tap water is tested at a frequency approximately four times the minimum standard, to provide greater assurance for our customers.

Please click on the link below to find results from this myriad of testing performed last year.  In addition we have provided links to both State and Federal sites that are a great source of information about the standards and regulations related to tap water.

For more information about tap water quality see the EPA and DES sites below.

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