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Welcome to the Communications Division
at the Manchester Police Department

Dispatch Center

Front Lobby

The Communications Division is committed to providing you with the most efficient service possible during your emergency.

The Communications Division of the Manchester Police Department is comprised of 3 sections: Emergency Services Dispatch, Police Services Specialists and Information Support Specialists. The 5 Dispatch Supervisors, 16 Dispatchers, 5 Police Services Specialists and 2 Information Support Specialists provide professional and exceptional public service to our officers, the citizens of Manchester and those who visit our city.

In 2014, the Police Services Specialists, who maintain order at the front counter, took 4,073 police reports. Along with taking police reports, the Police Services Specialists handle all foot traffic in the lobby, take in evidence, process daily paperwork, maintain personnel rosters as well as many other important tasks which keep them extremely busy.

The Communications Division is staffed twenty four hours a day, three hundred sixty-five days a year by Emergency Services Dispatchers and Police Services Specialists. Two dispatchers, two call takers (1 on the midnight shift), two Police Services Specialists and an Emergency Services Supervisor work each shift. They handle incoming calls, radio traffic, take police reports and make notifications of emergency and non-emergency situations. The Telecommunications Manager oversees the daily operations of the Communications Division.

In 2014, the Communications Staff handled 134,173 calls for service, an average of 367 calls per day. They also handled 285,783 incoming and outgoing phone calls.

Manchester Police Department Radio Frequencies

The following are radio frequencies for the Manchester Police Department. You may also hear Fire Department, EMS, and Public Works as well, since we all share an 800 MHz frequency trunk.

You must put in all eleven frequencies for optimal performance. 855.4875; 855.7125; 855.7375; 855.9625; 855.9875 856.2175 856.4875; 857.4875; 858.4875; 859.4875; 860.9875

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