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Community Improvement Program

The Community Improvement Program (CIP)
manages the programming of funds for the
City’s capital projects and special programs

Each year the Board of Mayor and Aldermen adopts a CIP that includes both a current year appropriation and a long-range capital planning component. The Plan also looks several years into the future to insure that long term community development needs of the City are met while minimizing tax impacts.

Funding in the CIP includes: grants from various federal, state and private sources; City bond funds; City operating cash funds; and capital funding for the City’s enterprise funds such as the Airport, Environmental Protection Division, and the Manchester Water Works.

Purpose of the Community Improvement Program:

  • Coordinate Improvement Projects
  • Provide access by the BMA and public to information on all projects and funding
  • Provide streamlined accounting procedures
  • Maximize federal & state dollars for needed projects
  • Minimize tax rate impact of capital projects
  • Provide for long-range planning of capital needs
  • Establishes a means of setting overall community development priorities
  • The CIP staff of the Planning and Community Development Department are available to assist in answering questions on the CIP or in the process for applying for CIP funds.

 Community Improvement Public Presentation for HUD FY 2019 and City FY2020

434 Lake Avenue Community Resource Center
4th Floor– Oddfellows Hall

The City of Manchester’s newly renovated community resource building located at 434 Lake Avenue includes a space currently known as the 4th Floor Oddfellows Hall. This space is intended to provide the building tenants and the Manchester community with a facility that can be utilized for community-based activities such as neighborhood meetings, celebrations and events, educational programming and skills training.

The City of Manchester and the Manchester Community Resource Center, as its on-site building manager and scheduling agent, are committed to providing a clean, safe and accessible facility for use by building tenants and the community. The use of the facility is anticipated to be primarily for the tenants first, nonprofit organizations serving low to moderate income persons second, and other ancillary uses by the community at large, as determined appropriate, third.

To request the use of the building (which includes a fee for non-City government applicants), please fill out one of the following forms:

2020-2024 Five-Year Consolidated Plan/City FY2020 Annual Action Plan

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