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2019 Departmental Expenditures

Accounts payable expenditures by vendor totaling $10,000 and above for fiscal year 2019.

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Department NameDescriptionVendorVendor NumberAmount
Parks, Recreation & CemeteriesConstruction ContractsLANDSCAPES STRUCTURES INC000040297$124,556.00
Parks, Recreation & CemeteriesConstruction ContractsVERMONT TENNIS COURT SURFACING000027603$20,230.00
Parks, Recreation & CemeteriesContract ManpowerDERRYFIELD GOLF SHOP000019022$12,663.43
Parks, Recreation & CemeteriesContractsAMERICAN REFRIGERATION CO INC000021640$10,291.00
Parks, Recreation & CemeteriesContractsMUNICIPAL PEST MANAGEMENT SERV,INC000038943$17,270.00
Parks, Recreation & CemeteriesContractsSWIM NH LLC000039284$10,240.00
Parks, Recreation & CemeteriesElectricityEVERSOURCE000002557$89,983.35
Parks, Recreation & CemeteriesElectricityEVERSOURCE000002546$189,017.67
Parks, Recreation & CemeteriesFuel OilIRVING ENERGY DISTRIBUTION & MKTING000027652$12,527.93
Parks, Recreation & CemeteriesLawn & Tree SuppliesBANK OF AMERICA000039427$12,904.47
Parks, Recreation & CemeteriesMaintenance & Repair/ Mach/EquipAMERICAN REFRIGERATION CO INC000021640$11,031.76
Parks, Recreation & CemeteriesMinor Apparatus & ToolsBANK OF AMERICA000039427$10,333.86
Parks, Recreation & CemeteriesMiscellaneousPARKS & RECREATION DEPARTMENT000019105$82,700.04
Parks, Recreation & CemeteriesNatural GasDIRECT ENERGY BUSINESS MRKTING INC000039313$19,824.82
Parks, Recreation & CemeteriesNatural GasLIBERTY UTILITIES - NH000036527$29,578.72
Parks, Recreation & CemeteriesNon-reimbursable insurance expenseBLUE RIBBON FENCE AND LANDSCAPING000000357$12,668.76
Parks, Recreation & CemeteriesNon-reimbursable insurance expenseDEANGELIS IRON WORKS, INC000000807$20,860.00
Parks, Recreation & CemeteriesOther Project CostsBANK OF AMERICA000039427$15,273.99
Parks, Recreation & CemeteriesOther Project CostsMILESTONE ENGINEERING & CONSTRUCTIO000038744$87,446.61
Parks, Recreation & CemeteriesOther Project CostsVANASSE HANGEN BRUSTLIN INC.000026842$12,427.69
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