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Red Cross Blood Drive Great turn out!

Published: 01/13/2017

Thank you to all the volunteers and donors along with the Red Cross for holding 2 City blood drives again this year! We had a great turn out on 1/12/17 and almost hit the goal for collection!  Together we made a difference! 


City Alzheimer's Walking Team raised $1,000 this year!

Published: 09/30/2016

Weekly Healthy Hint- Flu Prevention

Published: 09/29/2016


Healthy Hint

Flu season starts around October and usually peaks in January/February. But you can catch the flu all year long. Symptoms may be minor, like a runny nose or sore throat, or very serious – even life-threatening. Your best protection is to get the flu vaccine each year. It’s even safe for babies as young as 6 months. Talk to your doctor if you have questions or concerns about the vaccine.

Because the flu is spread through contact with affected people and things, good hygiene is an important defense. Wash your hands often to kill germs, and avoid people who
are sick. If you get the flu, stay home for at least 24 hours after a fever passes so you’re
not contagious.


"Sitting is the New Smoking" -Time for that 10 minute walk!

Published: 08/16/2016

Your Desk Job May be Hurting Your Health- Here's the Cure!

Read about some yoga stretches that you can do to help undo the damage created by long days spent sitting at a desk. Also try to get up and go for a walk more often even if just taking a longer walk at lunch or taking the stairs more often! Keep moving!

Click here to read article

Sign up for a 5k race or walk there are so many!

Spring Health & Wellness Tips

Published: 04/18/2016

FYI- Here is an article from HUB International with some healthy lifestyle tips and tips for avoiding spring allergies!  CLICK HERE FOR ARTICLE 

Commit to be FIT- Try this 10 Minute Lunchtime Workout!

Published: 03/10/2016

Click Here to learn about a quick 10 minute lunchtime workout!

Weekly Wellness Tip #40- How to Read Nutrition Labels

Published: 01/28/2016

Check out this document on how to read Nutrition Labels provided by Hannaford Dietitian, Marilyn Mills in this week’s Healthy Eating class at City Hall.  Click Here

Weekly Wellness Tip Healthy Recipe #5- 10 Healthy Spaghetti Squash Recipes

Published: 12/10/2015

Kick the carb overload for the New Year! Try one of these healthy spaghetti squash recipes. They are packed with flavor and protein without all the calories in pasta!

Click here for recipes.

Buffalo Chicken Spaghetti Squash

Weekly Wellness Tip Healthy Recipe #4- Old- Fashioned Apple-Nut Crisp

Published: 12/03/2015

Try this healthier Apple Crisp recipe for the holidays! APPLE CRISP RECIPE

Weekly Wellness Tip #38- Get Active, Stay Young

Published: 10/27/2015


Healthy Hint #38

You can’t do much without healthy bones, joints and muscles. As you age, it’s especially important to protect your “moving parts” with aerobic and muscle-strengthening exercises.

These activities can slow the loss of bone density that makes you weaker and more likely to get hurt as you get older. They also lower your risk for arthritis and osteoporosis down the road. You may not be able to look young forever, but you can help yourself feel young for many years to come.

Weekly Wellness Tip #37- Vitamin C improves health but can't replace exercise

Published: 10/20/2015

See attached article- It’s flu season! Stay on a healthy track- increase your daily dose of Vitamin C and start a walking program!

See Article: /Portals/2/Departments/wellness/vitaminc.pdf


Weekly Wellness Tip #33- Music can take the edge off your work out

Published: 09/02/2015


Healthy Hint #33

If you’ve ever taken a gym class or jogged a few miles, you know how music can take the edge off ... or add an edge! Music works as a distraction when things get tough. It also helps you focus when physical activity requires a certain rhythm or pacing, such as when you’re timing exercise repetitions to the beat of a song. You can choose your music, depending on how intense you want your workout to be.

Don’t sweat in silence! Add music to your fitness routine for less pain and more gain.

Weekly Wellness Tip #32- A Balancing Act, You are what you eat!

Published: 08/25/2015


Healthy Hint #32

Whether you eat three or six meals a day, maintaining a healthy weight comes down to what you eat, how much you eat and how much energy you use. We gain weight when we eat more calories than we burn. So it’s really important to couple balanced meals with an active lifestyle.

Everyone has different calorie needs in order to function. Avoiding extra pounds is just a matter of making sure your energy in (calories from food) equals your energy out (daily energy usage) over the long run. Once you learn your daily calorie needs, you can plan the right kind of diet and exercise to keep a healthy weight.

Weekly Wellness Tip #31- Eat More Fruits and Veggies!

Published: 08/17/2015



Healthy Hint #31

Fruits and veggies are low in calories and full of vitamins, minerals and fiber. How important are they to your diet? The United States Department of Agriculture and recommend making them half your plate at mealtime.

If you’re having trouble getting them fresh, use frozen, canned or dried fruits and veggies. With the canned option, watch out for too much sodium or salt. Save fruit that’s too ripe for smoothies with fat-free milk or low-fat yogurt – or bake muffins or bread with it. If your family isn’t crazy about fruits and veggies, try adding them to casseroles, salads, soups and sauces, where they’ll be harder to taste.

Weekly Wellness Tip #30- Good Health is Contagious

Published: 08/11/2015

Healthy Hint #30

Health affects everything: Your quality of life. Your emotional and mental well-being. Your relationships, work, and finances. Even what you do for fun.

So don’t take your health for granted. Spread a healthy living message to everyone you know. It’s not hard to do. You can ride your bike more and motivate others to do the same. Or start a community garden that gets your neighbors moving and socializing. Good health is contagious, and little choices can make a big impact.

Example: Sign up to run the Cigna race this Thursday, August 13th!


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