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With this new application you will be able to browse and print the Manchester Highway Department’s vast library of engineering drawings on line! Use the free portion of this service to browse city plans at a reduced resolution for non-technical purposes such as school projects or uncovering the history of your home. Those requiring exact measurements and engineering details can download maps and plans at full resolution for an annual subscription fee. Full scale printing services are also available at the Highway Department at 475 Valley Street.


Purchasing a subscription ($300.00 per year) allows your organization unlimited access to our full resolution online database. You no longer need to go to the Highway department to gather plans data. Simply browse the database online from the comfort of your own office on your own schedule. You may download as many plans as you like. Printing is easy too. Just come into the Highway Department at 475 Valley Street with the Image ID# and we will print it for you for an additional fee or if you choose you can download the file and take it to any printer that supports large format plotting. All maps and plans come in jpeg format.

Free Use

If you choose not to subscribe you can still view all our maps and plans. However, they will only be available at the ‘preview’ resolution (about 1300 pixels wide). All images will also be accompanied by a watermark. Should you desire a full resolution printout of a specific image, you can always come to the Highway Department at 475 Valley Street with the Image ID# and we will print it for you for a fee.  Find out what your street looked like 100 years ago!

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