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Safety Compliance Standards

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Open Fires within City Limits

Safety Compliance Standard which explains about open burning and recreational fires.

Recreational fires are allowed in a one family dwelling. An Ordinance was adopted in 2011 to permit recreation fires in a approved outdoor fireplaces having a spark arrestor, such as "Chimenera" and "Coleman Bonfire" type devices, to be used in a one family dwelling in the City. Review the checklist to ensure your property meets the requirements. Please call the Fire Prevention Bureau at 603-669-2256 to arrange for an annual site inspection. There is a $50.00 fee.

Egress Doors

Safety Compliance Standard which describes the requirements concerning egress doors.

Fire Alarm Resetting

Safety Compliance Standard which explains specific orders relating to the resetting of fire alarms.

Pyrotechnic Sales

Safety Compliance Standard which explains the sale and distribution of pyrotechnics / fireworks in the city.

Fire Suppression Systems Non-Compliance Tags

Safety Compliance Standard for fire suppression systems that are not in compliance and how they should be tagged.

Outdoor Cooking

Safety Compliance Standard which explains the rules of outdoor cooking.

Live Christmas Trees

Safety Compliance Standard which explains where live trees are prohibited.

Fire Department Key Boxes

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