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Truck 1

Truck 1The departments 1987 Snorkle was replaced in March with a 2001 Bronto Skylift, manufactured by E-One. The Bronto exceeds the old snorkle by 6 feet in height and by 12 feet in reach.

It carries a complement of 2 6,000 psi supplemental breathing air bottles, a 15,000 watt generator, and a shaft driven amkus hydraulic extrication tool.

The Skylift is capable of carrying 750 lbs. at full reach and extension while flowing water from its 1500 gpm electric nozzle.

Truck 2

Truck 2The original apparatus at the South Main Street Station was an American LaFrance City-Service Ladder Truck (ground ladders/no aerial) equipped with a 30 gallon soda acid tank, known as Hook and Ladder No. 8.

The American LaFrance ladder truck was replaced in 1938 by a Maxim Quad combination pumper/ladder. The Maxim was equipped with a 500 GPM pump, a 100 gallon booster tank, 1200 ft. 2 ½" hose, 500' 1 ½" hose with a full compliment of ground ladders (no aerial ladder).

This apparatus was designated Ladder 12, possibly to avoid confusion with Engine 8 on Maple st. on the East side. Even today some old timers still refer to this station as "Ladder 12".

Ladder 12 was in service for 31 years at the South Main St. Station before time and wear finally ended her career.

In September of 1977, Ladder 3 was reassigned from the Lake Ave. Station and renumbered Truck 2 (The Lake Ave. station was in the process of being closed and the apparatus being relocated). This started a long succession of "hand me down" ladder trucks (9 years) for truck 2.

In April of 1986 a new 102' LTI tractor/trailer was placed in service. The ladder truck was originally painted lime yellow, as was the practice for apparatus from 1974 to 1986. In fact Truck 2 was the last apparatus painted this color and was repainted to the more traditional red in the mid 90's, when it was sent out for an overhaul. It is the truck still responding from Station 2 today.

Truck 3

Truck 3A 1986 E-One aerial platform quint. It has a 95 foot aerial ladder, a 1500 gpm pump and carries 300 gallons of water.

Truck 5

Truck 5A 1996 Spartan/3D rear mounted aerial truck with a 100 foot aerial ladder.

Truck 6

Truck 6A 1996 Spartan/3D aerial platform. It has a 110-foot reach when straight and the capability of a 15-foot bend in the top of the aerial enabling it for below grade situations. The truck is also equipped with a stokes basket and height rescue equipment.

Truck 7

Truck 7A 1989 Spartan/LTI tractor drawn truck with a 100 ft. aerial ladder.

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