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Truck 1

Truck 1The departments 1987 Snorkle was replaced in March with a 2001 Bronto Skylift, manufactured by E-One. The Bronto exceeds the old snorkle by 6 feet in height and by 12 feet in reach.

It carries a complement of 2 6,000 psi supplemental breathing air bottles, a 15,000 watt generator, and a shaft driven amkus hydraulic extrication tool.

The Skylift is capable of carrying 750 lbs. at full reach and extension while flowing water from its 1500 gpm electric nozzle.

Truck 3

Truck 3A 2006 E-One 114' Bronto Skylift. It has a 1500 gpm pump and carries 300 gallons of water.






Truck 6

Truck 6A 1996 Spartan/3D aerial platform. It has a 110-foot reach when straight and the capability of a 15-foot bend in the top of the aerial enabling it for below grade situations. The truck is also equipped with a stokes basket and height rescue equipment.




Truck 7

Truck 7A 2009 HP-100 Tower manufactured by Emergency-One. 

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